– Our Mission –

Creating Value for Customers in the Luxury Segment


Zapevo is a data-driven platform for luxury goods (new & pre owned) and services, empowering customers with an AI driven valuation tool. We help customers to enjoy a high value shopping experience, without overpaying for their goods. A unique feature will be our value prediction model, based on Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms. We will initially focus on jewelry, watches, clothes, shoes, bags and eventually yachts, cars and jets.

Geographical Focus

Asia will be our initial focus, due to our physical proximity, high growth in GDP per Capita and hence a fast growing middle class and high wealth creation.
Asia is rapidly developing to the most attractive e-commerce market, with exploding consumers’ demand for mobile apps, smartphones and digital wallets when purchasing online.
Europe and North America will follow shortly after we established a footprint in Asia.


Strong dominance by a few market players
Market entrance for smaller and/or newer brands difficult
Intransparent pricing in pre owned and new products
Lack of comparison tools, such as trend analysis, pricing and value predictions
Lack of sophisticated market intelligence
Highly fragmented online market

Solutions & Opportunities

Zapevo’s AI driven metasearch engine will enhance pricing transparency in pre owned and new luxury goods
We will add a quantitative best price analytics tool, in order to help shoppers to find the best value for money offer.
Customers will be able to assess information about historic price developments with future value predictions, trend indicators, supply and demand data and allow them to make comparisons between competitive products.

Why now

Luxury brands are currently seeing larger growth than any other area of online sales.
First mover advantage to build an AI driven metasearch engine in the luxury product segment.
Millennials and Boomers are rapidly impacting the luxury landscape and are also embracing e-commerce. Deloitte recently projected 99 million millennials versus 77 million boomers now make up a larger segment of the luxury market.


Jurica Krajačić

Co-founder, CEO

Jurica Krajacic is an experienced digital marketing consultant and owner of tens of Instagram accounts with over 1M+ followers. Working on a various startup and ecommerce project helped clients to reach their business and marketing goals.

In early ages, Jurica was doing affiliate marketing and had several 1st positioned websites for keywords with over 300k monthly traffic. As a great lover of watches but also of data, he arrived at WatchSignals as a Co-Founder and CEO.

Andreas Becker


Andreas is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has 25 years of experience in businesses across different industries with multiple exits under his belt. He is a big supporter of future technology that could disrupt and transform the world, such as artificial intelligence.

Andreas is a global nomad and a tech geek. He is constantly looking at new developments and opportunities in the tech space in order to enhance the businesses he is involved in.

Advisory Board

Ari Pham

Ari Pham started early as an entrepreneur launching her first business when she was 16 years old. This was followed by multiple startups in, in-door decor business, personalized fashion production and e-commerce. She has since worked for ANZ bank and a venture capital company.

Ari has helped numerous startups to raise funds at early stages and is an expert in data and performance marketing.

Brendan Cunningham

Brendan Cunningham, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Economics at Eastern Connecticut State University, former Professor of Economic at the United States Naval Academy and a visiting scholar at the US Federal Trade Commission. Dr. Cunningham’s research has been cited by the OECD and he has presented his research at conferences worldwide.

You can read his insights on the economics of the watch industry at Horolonomics. He presently is a regular contributor to Tide + Time Watches, a watch publication headquartered in Australia.

Core Technical Team


Chief Data Engineer

Vlad holds a master’s degree in Air Navigation Systems Engineering with honours. He is thrilled about technological innovations and data science. He has an impressive background as a data scientist and was involved in numerous ML/NLP projects.


Chief Data Engineer

Dima holds a bachelor’s degree in System Engineering and a specialist’s degree in computerized control system and automatics. He is an experienced data engineer/scientist with several years of experience and is passionate about solving complex problems.



Valerie leads data-collection system development team and align development plan with business priorities. She manages day-to-day operations of our international team and support our developers when problems arise. Her goals are to deliver precise updated data to our customers and make cooperation transparent and productive, to deliver high-quality product built with top-notch tech stack and to ensure clean and neat code.

Core Technical Team


Full stack developer

Peter is an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that he undertakes, or situation that he is presented with. He holds a degree in Engineering Technology. He also used to work for Andreas Becker’s software development company before. He is always interested to learn about new technologies and acquire new skills.


Full stack developer

Iqbal is an outstanding senior developer who contributes significantly to the building blocks and growth of our back-end system. He has broad domains of knowledge in technology, business organisation, database management which results in his creative problem-solving approach. His goal is to use his expertise to grow with the organisation and gain personal development through exposure to startup challenges.

Road map
Market Validation

Data Collection, Database engineering, MVP, Focus Industry: Luxury Watch

Beta Release

Price comparison,Price analytics, AR shop
Focus Industry: Luxury Watches

Go Live / Production

Price Comparison, Price Analytics, AI/ML: Price Prediction, Conversational AI, Industry: Luxury Watch

Growth & Expansion

Improve Search Engine Algorithms
Partnerships: with Luxury Brands, Stores, Dealers
Industry expansion: Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes, Bags


JV/M&A with fintech companies to empower consumers: insurtech, consumer finance for luxury purchases
Research & Data for Luxury Brands via API.
Industry expansion: Yachts, Luxury Cars, Private Jets