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Let YOUR brand be noticed by people from the world of watches.

In only one year, we 10x our audience. From 30-40 visitors per day to over 450-500 visitors per day. And with improving our platform speed and stability everyday we expect to 10-20x in the next year as well, which leads to 5,000 to 10,000 readers per day!

The best fact here is that 94% of visitors are somehow related to watches or the entire horology industry. Either they are looking for best price for wanted watch and learning more about watches from our ‘Luxury Watch Buying Guide’ blog category, either they are experts and watch collectors and found our website as reliable source of transparent watch market data, and read our news section from watch industry.

In our advertising collaboration we offer watch brands, watch accessories brands and watch dealers to promote their product on our watch platform via article or banners.

Audience Visitors Statistics

  • NEW visitors per day: 600-700

  • New vs. Returning visitors:
    • New: 91.47%
    • Returning: 8.43%

  • Top 3 visitors countries:
    • USA
    • United Kingdom
    • Germany

  • Top 5 visitors cities:
    • London
    • Singapore
    • New York
    • Paris
    • Sidney

  • Language:
    • 90% English
    • 3% German
    • 2% French
    • 5% Others

  • Mobile OS:
    • 62% iOS
    • 37% Android OS

  • Top 3 In-Market segments (from only 26% of users we were able to detect their interests): 
    • 4.35% Watches & Jewelry
    • 2.56% Motor Vehicles
    • 2.52% Investment & Financial services