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– AI scoring Luxury Watches Methodology –

Our segmentation model

The price evaluation provides information about the model-condition-price ratio of an offer compared to similar proposition.
The algorithm calculates the market price for each model taking into account: Brand line, current condition overall, watch parameters such case/bracelet material, movement\bezel type, jewelery, special features, etc. Thereafter, the market price is compared with the offer price of the proposal. The difference leads to the grouping:

Awesome Offer – Threshold in Ratio: 0.44-0.67″ is well below the current market price.
We recommend to pay attention to the detailed description regarding special features of this offer.
Good Offer – Threshold in Ratio: 0.67-0.85″ is slightly below the current market value.
Fair Offer – Threshold in Ratio: 0.85-1.1″ corresponds to the current market value.
Average (Common) Offer – Threshold in Ratio: 1.1-1.25″ is slightly above the current market value.
Expensive Offer – Threshold in Ratio: 1.25-1.65″ is well above the current market value.
The model could be rare, with some extraordinary features or has legacy.
No Rating” If there are too few comparison models, no label can be awarded as well as price is way below or above expectation


Determine market value

  • First, we found all similar models within our database to group up similar watches into scope of multidimensional array.

    Each watch is compared to similar models that were and are available within the last months to date.
    The market price calculation is based on an intelligent algorithm that incorporates to every day expanding knowledge base and more than 10 features per model.

Rate the offer price

  • If there is a market price, we compare it with the offer price of the seller. The difference results from the price evaluation: It indicates whether an offer price is below, at or above the average market price and determines how good is the offer.

Awarded price labels

  • The price evaluation of the offers is presented in the form of meaningful price evaluation labels

    Next step to highlight popular models tags – the top 5% of offers