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1. What is WatchSignals.com?

WatchSignals.com is a Luxury Watch Comparison Platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

2. Do you sell watches?

No, we do not sell watches. We are not a watch dealer. We are a data platform for luxury watches. We help you with finding your watch at the best possible price.

3. Are you a marketplace?

No, we are not a marketplace either. We do not facilitate transactions. We show you where to find your desired watch at the most attractive price. Transactions will happen on our partner’s sites directly between you and the watch merchants.

4. Is there any fee to use WatchSignals.com?

No, our Luxury Watch Comparison Platform is 100% free for watch buyers.

5. How to compare luxury watches on WatchSignals.com?

Type the brand name and model of your desired luxury watch in our search bar at the page header. Click on any of the results in order to open the product page. All watch dealers/shops/marketplaces who sell your specific watch model will be shown on one page.

6. Is it safe to buy watches through WatchSignals.com?

WatchSignals.com only list watches of trustworthy dealers/shops/marketplaces, but it is always wise to do your own due diligence of the sellers.

7. Are all the listed watches on WatchSignals.com authentic?

Most, if not all of our trustworthy dealers / shops / marketplaces, guarantee that all of their new and pre-owned listed watches are  authentic and are serviced with authentic parts and they also often offer a full refund on any watch not found to be completely authentic.

8. Are duties and shipping costs included in the price shown on WatchSignals.com?

No, duties and shipping costs are not included in the price shown. Often our trustworthy dealers/shops/marketplaces will assist you with international shipping obut might charge a small fee for it.

9. How can I list my luxury watches on WatchSignals.com?

Sign up to get listed here. Further questions? Please contact our specialists on support@watchsignals.com

10. How do you deal with ghost inventory?

We remove listings from sellers that get reported with “ghost listings”. For example, they list a Rolex Hulk when in fact they don’t have it and try to sell you something else. Please report this case right away and we will take immediate action to remove them to maintain high quality for the listings and provide you an enjoyable shopping experience.

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