A Guide to Storing Watches at Home Safely

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Many of our luxury watch collectors have plans for their watches in the future. Such as passing them through the family as an heirloom. Yet, it isn’t as simple as putting the watch aside and hoping it remains pristine. Here at Watch Signals, we’re not only dedicated to getting you the right watch. We want you to keep watches and make them last with effective watch storage. This is why we have put together a guide to storing watches at home for you.

1. Invest in a Safe

This is one of the most important aspects to watch storage. A safe provides a moisture-free and secure place to keep watches.

Unfortunately, watches are one of the most sought-after objects in a robbery. This is because they are small and offer a high-return. So, it’s important you store watches as safe as possible.

Market leaders in the watch safe industry include Brown, Hartmann Tresore, and Savoy. There are even safes disguised as other household objects such as books.

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2. Keep the Original Boxes

Luxury watch manufacturers don’t withhold on their boxes. So, if you’re struggling for space to keep watches, use their original encasing.

Boxes are fantastic to store paperwork, too. You will always need to keep information of your luxury watch safe. This includes guarantees or warranty cards. But, any certificates of authenticity or any ‘proof of purchase’ should stay inside a safe.


3. Compare Insurance Providers

By comparing insurance providers, you can guarantee the best options for your watches. Insurance is useful for external issues such as robbery or accidental damage. Whereas warranties tend to cover faults in the watch, itself.

Best insurance for watches you can consider:

Top tip: note the exact specifications. Insurance providers replace items with the most affordable option matching your description.

For example, a ‘luxury watch’ could land you with a Versace V-Urban VELQ00719. Even if your original was a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar 5074R-001 which is worth around half a million US dollars.


4. Consider Areas of Moisture

Manufacturers of haute horology offer many watches with waterproofing. But, watch storage still needs to be air-tight.

This is because, even when worn in water, a watch can dry in the wind or by the wearer with a cloth. But a watch stored for an extended period within an environment with moisture can’t dry.

So, rust, condensation, or coagulation of the watch’s oil will cause lasting damage to the watch and its value. A solution would be to store silica gel packets with your watches. These will absorb excess moisture and condensation and prevent damage.

5. Think About Using a New Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is useful for two reasons. First, it protects contents from humidity, dust and temperature to combat unwanted moisture. Second, it can fool a robber to look elsewhere for the luxury watches.

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6. Commission a Designated Watch Box or Watch Drawer

Having made-to-measure storage solutions is the best way to protect watches. They prevent any issues of scratches or warping.

A dedicated drawer or box could have many fitted square compartments for watches. You could also choose to have long and narrow compartments to store extra watch straps flat.

Specially-designed watch storage solutions will keep watches face up and allow a gap. This is done using specially-shaped compartments and protective cushioning.


7. Buy a Watch Winder

To keep watches that are automatic, you may find a better storage option to be. A watch winder. This is much alike a made-to-measure watch storage box. But, it has the added benefit of silent watch winding during the night.

Not only this, but they are often made to look decorative. So, if robbery is not an issue for you, then try storing your watches in a dedicated protective box. A box that act as décor and a power device.

8. Remove Quartz for Long-Term Storage

All watch collectors should wear their watches at least once per year. This helps to keep watches active and remain wound. Yet, quartz watches operate using batteries which can corrode. They could also leak, both causing irreparable damage to your luxury watch.

The best way to remove quartz batteries is to contact your dedicated service horologist and request they remove it for you. This way, the battery is removed to a high standard with the horologist liable for damage caused.

These are the best tips to store watches safely at home. Do you find it helpful?

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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