Where can I buy the Seiko mod?

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Modding a watch is the process of substituting new components for those included with the watch. Often, these components are acquired as upgrades, but it is also feasible to transfer compatible parts from one watch to another. Watch modding gives wristwatch collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to disassemble, reassemble, rebuild, and reconfigure the watch of their dreams. Brands large and small provide the option of modulation, which lets you choose the look of the fashion accessory you wear on your wrist. Your watch may be customized to your tastes in every way possible, from its bands and dials to the jewels and hands.

If anything, you may trace Seiko’s shift to a novelty-driven and less practical product line back to its decision to alter its previous product line. Therefore, here we’ll look into the popular subgroup of Seiko modifications, or Seiko mods, and how the creative community pioneers a new kind of self-expression.

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Why Is Seiko Customization So Popular?

First, let us examine the renowned SKX series and several of its features, including Robust, Reliable, and Affordable. Unsurprisingly, the watch’s popularity necessitates modification in its components. Consider the following characteristics of an SKX (and the majority of other diving watches):

  • The bezel with its inset
  • Crystal/Glass
  • Hands
  • Dial
  • Movement
  • The Caseback and the Case
  • The Stem and its Crown
  • Gaskets and Bezels click Spring

All of the components listed above are replaceable. Watch owners may now express their creativity, which sparked a fresh wave of individuals expressing their individuality and personality via their Seiko mods.

Five Sources for Seiko modification Parts

Thus, how does one modify their Seikos? Since you’re creating one, you’ll need specific components first. Check out these five sources for Seiko(and occasionally other) Modification components.

Photo Credit: Diywatch.club

5) Yobokies

Many modification veterans refer to this brand as “Seikoboy” since it sells components for a wide range of Seiko models and is considered the pioneer of the Seiko mod community. Before moving to their site, the store managed its gallery and placed orders by email using Photobucket.

The website might use some work to meet the e-commerce shop requirements, but the proprietor of the business is extremely quick to reply via email so that you can expect an immediate response. If you’re a fan of the Seiko Tuna or Turtle and want to modify your watch, you may discover compatible components there!

4) DLW Watches

Don’t forget about DLW, the mammoth of watch modification. No doubt about it, given their supply of components, DLW is a worldwide modder’s petrol station for enthusiasts.

When perusing Instagram and Reddit, the likelihood of seeing a build with DLW components is relatively high, for the same reason that NamokiMODS, an extensive offering catering to the expanding Seiko mod community, is extremely high.

Because the two partner companies are more focused on customized components, the creative aspects stand out much more than standard modification components. If you’re searching for something more unusual, these two alternatives are sure to please!

3) NamokiMODS

It’s been a while since NamokiMODS is in the Seiko modification game, but they have a vast product range and an even larger customer base to show for it.

How did this Singapore-based website amass such a following? For starters, there are 78 distinct combinations available for their SKX007/SRPD bezel inlay range only, which genuinely caters to individuals who want that specific appearance.

Simultaneously, NamokiMODS has been an active participant in the community, which means that when their parts are uploaded online, their branding and mod parts creation are shared with audiences worldwide. The wide range of design options is critical to the field of watch customization, and it shows.

2) Lucius Atelier

Dials are a critical component of any watch, and Lucius Atelier got it right by offering various options.

There is a diverse selection of dials, ranging from basic black to Meteorite to Decorative Art dials. We believe that businesses that include their imagination are enticing; after all, this is supposed to be a fun experience!

Finally, they provide more components for your customizations, including those for the often-overlooked younger sibling, the SKX013. While few manufacturers offer it, Lucius Atelier does. The company provides a variety of components suitable for the less popular model. I recommend checking them out here for people with smaller wrists!


KOMOWORKS provides a broad range of high-quality modification components, called “The KOMO Quality,” which ensures that customers receive superbly selected materials for their desired modification. It’s KOMO’s Seigaiha dial that’s recognized the world over; not only does it have a profound aesthetic, but it also has a fascinating backstory. You may learn more about it by visiting their blog postings.

Also, the “Asanoha” dial, which they just released, deserves special notice. Interestingly, it is one of the most popular conventional Japanese kimono patterns. Which brings us to their selling point: connecting the tale to its inspiration, because how often do components have a backstory?

Regarding pre-orders, We highly recommend looking into this design because there is now a discount on all pre-orders, and prior experience has shown that the dials sell out quickly!

Several Remarkable Modifications

Photo Credit: Namokimods.com

NamokiMODS SKX013 with Lumed Dual-Time Inlay, GS Polished Hands, and Coin-Edge Bezel

My first mod experience was with an SKX013, which was not the ideal candidate for modification.

Components Employed

Compared to its bigger brother, the little brother had fewer components available on the market; however, a simple “upgrade” was all you needed to get started. All parts were obtained from NamokiMODS, and the Seiko mod went off without a hitch.

The result is a stunning watch with a more contemporary look. It was attractive without being excessive.

Putting everything together

The watch modification community is a lot of fun and can get a little wild at times; visit r/SeikoMods and #Seikomods. Interested in what the brands featured today will release in the future? Then you’re not alone.

Have you ever modified a watch, or would you consider doing so?

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