Casio MDV-106 and Its Movement

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

If you are looking for sleek, durable, and stylish dive watches, then Casio MDV-106 is the best pick. Being considered one of the best dive watches in the market and with the best price on its tag, the Casio MDV-106 offers many more. The feature that makes people intrigued by the watch is that it is 200-meter water-resistant. Not just that, the brand too talks for itself. 

Founded in 1946, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures technologically advanced electronics and is situated in Shibayiu, Tokyo. Casio has been the favorite among the masses for its simple yet durable watches. However, Casio manufactures more electronics than watches, such as calculators, electronic keyboards, digital cameras, laptops, etc. Casio has invented a lot of fascinating and jaw-dropping watches that can be used to see different timezones, record temperatures, and much more.

In the line of the fascinating watches, Casio MDV-106 makes its own mark in the marketplace. Without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting features of Casio MDV-106. 

Casio MDV-106 – Models

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The Casio MDV-106 was launched with three models, MDV-106-1AV (Black), MDV-106B-2ACVF (Blue), and MDV-106G-1AVCF (Gold). Although all three have the exact specifications, the watch’s look is the feature that separates them. The cases and the bezel are separated by black, blue, and gold colors that add to the people’s preferences.

Casio MDV-106 – Dial

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The rich sunburst dials of Casio MDV-106 are the game-changer. Talking about Casio MDV-106-1AV, the dial changes from charcoal to deep black depending on the external brightness. The best aspect to appreciate is the black sunburst dial makes Casio MDV-106-1AV stand out from its simple matte black dive watch competitors. In contrast to the black dial, Casio MDV-106-1AV is accompanied by a bold and legible white hour marking with variations of 6,9 and 12’oclock. Without interrupting the dial, a subtle date wheel is placed next to the 3:00 position. The hour markings are even more advantageous with lume that emanates light in the dark, making the watch best suited for deep divers.

According to the customer’s preferences, there are variations of blue-rich sunburst dials and gold-rich sunburst dials in the other models, MDV-106B-2ACVF and MDV-106G-1AVCF, with an added blue or gold outline to the hour markings.

Casio MDV-106 – Case and Bezel

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The case of the Casio MDV-106 provides a striking visual appeal with a contrast of brushed surfaces on the top and lugs around the polished sides. The case comes with a subtle angle that chamfers the top and the sides. As a fun fact, the smooth transitions between the top and the sides jewels when light hits various stainless-steel surfaces.

The crown comes with smooth and finely adjustable screws that provide a good grip while adjusting the watch’s functions. The screw-down feature of the crown adds to the benefit of water-resistance for diving 200 meters below.

The case’s back is inscribed by a fascinating marlin logo that matches the marlin found in the dial. Although it is not a prominent feature when compared, it delivers an artistic touch to the watch’s complexity.

Casio MDV-106 comes with a robust bezel that operates smoothly. The bold bezel adds to a greater comfort of turning it without struggling to get a good grip. With little or no back play while turning the bezel, each turn adds to a perfect click and sticks to the place effectively.

As far as the marking goes, the increments in 5 and 10 and with the in-built lume that illuminates in the dark, the bezel of Casio MDV-106 is the best feature that separates the watch from other dive watches.

Casio MDV-106 – Bracelet

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The Casio MDV-106 comes with a comfortable, waterproof rubber dive strap. The synthetic rubber material adds to the grip and breathable advantage of the watch. According to reviews and sources, since the Casio MDV-106 is exceptionally affordable compared to the other dive watches in the market, the extra savings could add to more colorful strap options.

If you do not want to go with the default strap of the watch, Casio MDV-106 also comes with a Barton elite silicone strap. The synthetic silicone, when compared to the default strap, adds more comfort and grip during dives.

Casio MDV-106 – Movement

Casio MDV-106’s movement is powered by a Japanese quartz movement that is compatible with the SR626 battery. The battery’s lifetime is around two to three years, and not to worry, as the replaceable battery is very affordable.

Casio MDV-106’s movement is highly accurate compared to the mechanical counterparts and does not require constant wounding. Moreover, the Japanese quartz provides a convenient and straightforward experience. This makes the watch apt for the phrase “grab and go.”

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Casio MDV-106 – Price and Specifications

As far as the specification goes:

  • Diameter: 44m
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Lug to Lug: 48mm
  • Lug width: 20mm
  • Weight: 92g (Case only)
  • Crown: Screw-down crown
  • Case: Stainless-steel case
  • Bezel: Unidirectional dive bezel
  • Water resistance: up to 200 m
  • Movement: The Japanese quartz movement
  • Battery: SR626

Although anyone reading this would be awestruck by the excellent specifications of the watch, wait till you hear the price. The average price of a Casio MDV106 on the private sales market is $66, while you can expect to pay $85 from a gray market dealer. Moreover, there are a lot of exciting deals in online marketplaces such as Amazon, which provides the best price for the watch — $56! As far as dive watches are concerned, Casio MDV-106 not only stands out with its unique features but with the price too. Considered the best price for a dive watch, people are also delighted with the durability and the overall quality of Casio MDV-106.

Casio MDV-106 – Summary

If you have read till here, you would probably be wanting to make an immediate purchase of Casio MDV-106. The authenticity and the uniqueness provide an upper hand among the other competitors. Without a doubt, The Casio MDV-106 is the best, affordable, stylish, water-resistant, and comfortable dive watch available in the market. With the tycoon of electronics, Casio, backing it up with the manufacture of the watch, there is no place for disappointments.

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