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Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Cuervo y sobrinos is a luxury watch brand with more than a decade of history. Wearing a Cuervo y sobrinos isn’t just like wearing any other watch, but you are wearing legacy and history through it. Although Cuervo y sobrinos watches have a finely made Swiss body, it is said that they have Latin DNA and soul.

Let us see how Cuervo y sobrinos has evolved and what this brand has in-store to offer its customers today.

A Brief History of Cuervo y Sobrinos Watches

The history of Cuervo y sobrinos watches dates back to 1882. It was founded by Mr. Ramon Fernandos Cuervo. He first established the brand as a jewelry store named Calle de la Amistad in 1862 in Havana. This jewelry brand was later turned to Cuervo y sobrinos by Mr. Ramon Fernandos Cuervo and his nephews, and the business was expanded to watches as well.

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As Havana city was fled with travelers worldwide, the Cuervo family grew their brand name abruptly and rapidly expanded their brand network. Moreover, Cuervo y sobrinos watches had some most famous personalities, including Ernst Hemingway and Newton, as its patron. In 1920, Cuervo y Sobrinos expanded their network to Europe, Germany for stones and Paris exclusively for jewelry trading. By 1928, the brand also started a watch factory in Switzerland. As the company was turned into a publicly listed company in 1932, the brand witnessed talented managers from outside the Cuervo family. The brand was roaring in the 1950s with a spectacular boutique that had become a major tourist attraction in Havana.

However, the political turmoil in Havana as a result of the Cuban Revolution significantly impacted Cuervo y sobrinos. The Cuervo family fleed from the city, locking the Cuervo y sobrinos boutique for the next 40 years. Although the government nationalized the brand in 1965, the brand went into a completely dormant state from 1965 to 1996. It was later revived by Marzio Villa in 1997 at an abandoned state on his visit to Havana. A group of investors from the watchmaking industry took over the brand in 2018, and Massimo Rossi became the company’s CEO. Recently in 2019, Cuervo y sobrinos celebrated its 500th anniversary.

Why are Cuervo Y Sobrinos Watches So Popular?

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Cuervo y sobrinos is a unique combination of Latin heritage and Swiss manufacturing. It is actually the only luxurious Swiss watch with a proven Latin legacy. Cuervo y sobrinos watches are, therefore, a must-add to the wardrobe for any luxurious watch lovers.

For people who are a fan of luxury watches knows well how expensive they can be. Cuervo y sobrinos are not super-expensive, but their range of collections is an affordable category of luxurious watches. Therefore, without paying much, you get to enjoy Swiss manufacturing quality and an ancient Latin look combined in Cuervo y sobrinos luxury watches.

Every Cuervo y sobrinos watch is a masterpiece with well-balanced aesthetics and precision. The watch collections from Cuervo y sobrinos are elegant in appearance with a hue of a sporty look. Cuervo y sobrinos watches are actually like classic cars. These watches will catch everybody’s attraction with luxury features, traditional craftsmanship, and fine details.

Cuervo y sobrinos watches symbolize the golden age, especially of Havana. They take you through the history and legacy of Havana city. Even today, all watches of the brand are made inspired by their old collections. Moreover, each Cuervo y sobrinos watch is unique and has got its own personality. The brand makes sure every watch comes out with exceptional quality through strict quality controls and checks.

Let us now see some of the popular watch collections Cuervo y sobrinos has in-store today.

Popular Collection Series of Cuervo y Sobrinos Watches

1. Historiador

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The highlights of the Historiador collection from Cuervo y Sobrinos watches are their elegant, classic, and timeless designs. It is an iconic collection of the brand reproduced, taking inspiration from the 50s. Therefore, each watch from this collection looks like ancient Cuervo y Sobrinos watches with a modern twist. So, Cuervo y sobrinos Historiador watches closely connect with the brand’s unique personality and its roots. Moreover, every piece from this collection tells you the brand’s history and the story of its Latin soul. Some of the most popular watches in the Cuervo y Sobrinos Historiador collection includes Historiador GMT Ivory4 Watch for Men and Historiador Segundos Centrales Steel Watch for Men.

2. Prominente

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The Prominente collection from Cuervo y Sobrinos is distinctive with a classic rectangular design. And obviously, it is the beautiful rectangular dimension that gives a unique character to the Prominente collection of Cuervo y Sobrinos. Moreover, the Priminente line of the brand is one of the largest Cuban Cigars in the market today. The highlights of the Prominente collection include sleek, decent, and sober style that perfectly fit into the wrist of buyers. These characteristics also make watches of the Cuervo y Sobrinos Prominente collection eye-catching. Some of the popular models in the Prominente collection of the brand include Prominente Clasisco Diamonds Violet Ladies Watch, Prominente Clasico Blue Men’s Watch, and Prominente Clasico Cognac Ladies Watch.

3. Pirata

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The Pirata collection from Cuervo y Sobrinos is ahomage to the Cuban roots of the brand. You can witness powerful personality and robust design, which characterizes the essence of pirates. The Caribbean islands were once home to corsairs and pirates. You can see the brand trying to interpret the romantic spirits of pirates on the Pirata collection. The Pirata collection actually features a series of large-sized watches made of a combination of different materials. These features also allowed the model to evolve over time. The combination of Gold, Bronze, Titanium, and polished and burned steel materials impart the profile of a 17th-century cannon to the watches of this series. Moreover, the Pirata collection also possesses a navigator-shaped crown to imply its Cuban roots. The chronograph push buttons of watches in the Pirata collection are also made reminiscing harquebus barrel.

4. Senora

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The Senora series of collections from Cuervo y Sobrinos features watches in some lively colors to emphasize the vibrant lives of the Caribbean islands. These watches are available in four to five different dial versions. However, the diamond dust on the dial is what highlights this model of watches. Cuervo y Sobrinos Senora collection altogether tells you the story of glamour and beauty of the tropical women.

5. Vuelo

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Although most Cuervo y sobrinos watches are inspired by the brand’s traditional models, the watches in the Vuelo series are an exception. The word ‘Vuelo’ in Spanish means flight. And the company themselves describe this series as the ‘flight to the future.’ Each watch of this series has an elegant appearance along with its Latin soul and a sporty character. This series actually highlights the brand’s seeking to combine aesthetics and innovation. Altogether, the watches in the Vuelo series are the perfect Cuervo y sobrinos watch series for you if what you want is a flair of great functionality. The sophisticated contoured case of Vuelo watches that create magic when combined with light is simply fascinating. Cuervo y Sobrinos Vuelo GMT 3204.1BGMT and Veulo GMT 3204.1C are some of the popular models in the Vuelo series.


Cuervo y Sobrinos is a staple to the wardrobe if you are a fan of luxurious watches. Its proven legacy makes it a symbolic piece of the golden age in the Caribbean islands. That makes Cuervo y Sobrinos watches a perfect gift for history buffs as well. This legendary watch brand has evolved seeing more than five centuries of world. Moreover, every watch from Cuervo y Sobrinos holds a unique and powerful character that makes them stand out from the rest. Although not as expensive as many other luxurious watch brands, Cuervo y Sobrinos watches come with a warranty of 2 years. So, you can safely invest in a Cuervo y Sobrinos watch and start enjoying the joy that the Latin soul of this watch imparts to your life.

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