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Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

The most luxurious watch made by the most prominent watchmaker in the world’s history is the Graham Watches. With its elegance, sophistication, class, uniqueness, and timeless style, the Graham Watch is one of a kind. No wonder many people want to own one.

History of Graham Watches

George Graham Portrait Photo: Cosmone.com

George Graham, a renowned watchmaker, was born in 1673 in Fleet Street, London, United Kingdom. His interest in innovation and the concept of timekeeping inspired him to invent a pendulum system from mercury that can read the time accurately and the first stopwatch. His passion and skills in watchmaking led him to the creation of Graham Watches in 1695.

Graham managed to create around 3,000 watches. Each of these has its unique serial number inscribed along with the branding at the back of the watch.

Original pocket watch by George Graham – Credits: Watchonista.com

The brand became popular for over 100 years until it disappeared from the spotlight. But in 1995, 300 years after its foundation, a group of Swiss and British in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the heart of Swiss watchmaking, revived the brand. For 25 years, and still counting, the success of Graham watches continues to reign in the industry of watchmaking.

Graham Watch Models and Collections

There is no doubt that Graham watches top other brands when it comes to quality, popularity, and fashion trends because of its creative design. It also offers a variety of collections and models that give you more room to choose from as you buy one.


Graham Chronofighter Vintage Edition
Photo Credit: Graham1695.com

The most popular Graham watch collection, and you can say it is the flagship model for the Graham brand. It features a unique, traditional, and functional design. The distinctive appearance of the Chronofighter watches is all thanks to the sporty chronographs.

Here are the series of models that fall under the Graham Chronofighter collection:

  • Chronofighter Black Arrow
  • Chronofighter Classic
  • Chronofighter GMT
  • Chronofighter Grand Vintage
  • Chronofighter Steel
  • Chronofighter Superlight
  • Chronofighter Vintage
  • Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft
  • Chronofighter Vintage GMT
  • Chronofighter Prodive
  • Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer


Geo. Graham Orrery Tourbillon
Photo Credit: Horobox.com

The most restrained collection among Graham watches is the Geo.Graham. The entire collection takes pride in the fine watchmaking process, which includes innovation and refinement, to make it stand out the most compared to other high-end brands.

The Geo.Graham collection includes:

  • Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon
  • Geo.Graham The Moon
  • Geo.Graham Tourbillon


Graham Silverstone RS
Photo Credit: escapementmagazine.com

Classic and sporty is the combination that makes up the Silverstone collection. It is also one of the Graham watches with many complications. It has a big date, chronograph, GMT, and tachymeter, which leave you with enough options to choose from. What is common in Graham Silverstone watches is the absence of pawls. But the placement of the crown on the right side, the same with other watches, is present in this collection.

Here are the Graham Silverstone watches:

  • Silverstone RS Endurance
  • Silverstone RS GMT
  • Silverstone RS Racing
  • Silverstone RS Skeleton
  • Silverstone RS Supersprint


Graham Fortress Monopusher Chronograph Vintage Pilot
Graham Fortress Monopusher Chronograph Vintage Pilot
Photo Credit: ablogtowatch.com

The Fortress is a limited edition that has only 100 pieces available in the market. It comes in three colors: black, blue, and brown.

Its clean and neat design is the result of the proper placement of the chronograph, mono-pusher, and lone pusher. The chronograph and mono-pusher placed within the crown on the left flank offer a clean and neat design, while the lone pusher located on the right side makes the chronograph operational and highly intuitive.

If you prefer a simpler Graham watch in terms of overall design and structure, the Graham Fortress watch is a good option.


Graham Swordfish Watch Model
Photo Credit: Graham1695.com

Graham Swordfish watch came from the winning entry of Graham’s design competition last 2001. With just one glimpse, you will notice how every detail of the watch is well-thought and full of creativity. Thus, it won everyone’s attention and became one of the most successful Graham watch models.

The Swordfish comes in four color options: black, bronze-black, bronze-green, and red. The alloy used in this watch is also similar to the materials used in the naval industry. It helps the overall appearance of the watch to become unique, timeless, and truly one of a kind.

How Much Do Graham Watches Cost?

There are Graham watches that cost below $10,000. But just like many other high-end brands, they also have more expensive watches that cost around $250,000.

You can find more affordable Graham watches around $2,500. These watches fall under the entry-level category. The Silverstone RS Racing watches may fall under this price range. Though it falls on the lower end of the Graham watches price range, they all still exemplify high-quality features and uniqueness, which you cannot feel with other brands of the same class.

On the other hand, you can consider the Tourbillon as the most expensive one. The Tourbillon with an open heart chronograph has a price of around $50,000, while the Orrery Tourbillon costs around $200,000. But as you can see, the design justifies its price range as it exemplifies an out-of-this-world look only the fine watchmaking quality of Graham can make.

Geo. Graham Orrery Tourbillon Watch
Geo. Graham Orrery Tourbillon Watch
Credits: Hodinkee.com

Why Should You Buy a Graham Watch?

Graham watches are expensive and fall to the higher end of the spectrum. But it does not give enough reason on why you should not buy one. Hence, here are the top five reasons why you should buy a Graham watch:

1. Unique and well-thought design

Have you seen that photo of Tourbillon Orrery? Every detail is delicately placed to complement each other, resulting in the most unique watch you can find.

2. Focuses on functionality

All the designs and features added in every Graham watch provide specific functions for better and innovative usage.

3. Reflects self-confidence

Wearing a watch is not just for accessories but can also give confidence to the one wearing it. So if you have a Graham watch with you, people can get the idea of how confident you are as a person even though you do not feel like it at times.

4. High recognition value

Anyone interested in watches, from celebrities, athletes, up to the elites, Graham watches has a one-of-a-kind identity and branding that makes it stand out from the rest.

5. Live up to their brand’s philosophy

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” This quote from Jules Verne best defines the philosophy of Graham. The brand believes that there is no limit to the power of creativity. And the lineup of collections and watches they have produced for the past years prove that it is possible to make every idea come to reality.

Graham Watches – Great Value and More Unique than a Tag Heuer!

Graham Watches – Great Value and More Unique than a Tag Heuer!
by J. Anthony
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