A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Omega

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Buying your first Omega watch is never going to be a case of simply walking into a shop and emerging with a magnificent timepiece. There will always be a watch buying guide to be considered for your Omega that makes it so much more superior. If you find yourself at that critical point in life where you need to go from wearing an artless watch to wearing a timepiece of Swiss craftsmanship, then it’s time to become part of the Omega pack. We have your Omega watch buying guide for you to fully understand and appreciate the art that you are about to fashion.

A. Getting to know Omega watches

It’s no surprise that Omega has been part of worldwide history. It was the first watch in space in 1962, the first watch on the moon in 1969 and is consistently used to decorate the wrist of James Bond. And, these were all the Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster watches.

1. Omega Watch Collections

Quite simply, there are 5 key Omega collections which you will need to be acquainted with. Each has their own style, design, history and features.


Omega SpeedMaster Professional – by @midlifewatchcrisis


Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial – by @rmccullough21


Omega Constellation Automatic Chronometer – All rounder casual dressy watch – – by@theoandharris

De Ville

Omega De Ville Prestige – by @theminutemon


Omega Speedmaster – Olympic Games Collection Tokyo 2020 – by @swisswatch.jp

2. The Ultimate 10-day Omega Precision Test

Now, you must understand the world of superior design you’ll be lifting the veil to. Since 2015, Omega has been using the 8 certified METAS tests on their timepieces to endorse the title “Master Chronometer” in their collection.

Courtesy: Omega

This 10-day testing mechanism consists of:

  1. Function of movement through exposure to magnetism
  2. Function of the entire timepiece in the same exposure
  3. Testing magnetised and demagnetised chronometric performance
  4. Day-to-day chronometric precision
  5. A six-position check for chronometric deviation
  6. A six-position demonstration of isochronism
  7. Testing power reserve performance
  8. Proof of water resistance compliance

B. How to choose the right Omega for you

As connoisseurs in watchmaking communities, Omega offers customers the choice between quartz movement or the self-winding watches.

As something you’ll need to consider, ask yourself; will you wear the watch enough for it to be consistently charged to tell the perfect time in classic Swiss manner? Or, will your timepiece be a dress-watch used only for extravagant and luxury events?

In turn, reflect about your needs for functionality: your Omega watch is an extension of your personality. And, if part of you is made of rich exploration and invigorating adventures (land, sea, snow or air) then find this watch. For example; if you’re considering deep-sea escapades, wear your Planet Ocean watch with pride as part of the Seamaster range.

Your First Omega Watch

As you consider buying your first Omega watch, you should know that these timepieces are considered a work of art by the makers, designers and wearers across the globe.

And, with this in mind, you need to consider not only the aesthetics of the watch, but your style and personality, too.

Of course, there’s no need to worry about the quality or mastercraft of the watch as this is already taken care of for you. But, there’s no gain in buying a watch that you enjoy the sight of while never matching your personal aesthetic. Unless, of course if you intend only to wear the watch through indulgent events.

A Tip of the Trade

If you’re quite the collector of watches, Omega run auctions on vintage timepieces where you’ll find an evolution of timekeeping with examples such as Centre Electronique Horloger’s (CEH) momentus Beta 21 quartz movement. So, you could truly bring the heat if your first Omega watch derives from the famed auctions.

A Transactional Success

Now you have your first Omega watch, understanding the style, the type, the features offered and more, you will be presented with your certified Omega warranty card of authenticity.

Not only this, but Omega also provide opportunities to “Extract from the Archives” for a life-story of your watch; where it was made, when it left the factory and the authenticity expertise of the timepiece, itself.

So, there’s no comparable alternative to owning the timeless art of Omega.

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