The Ultimate Guide to buying first Cartier Watch

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

So, you’re interested in the famed classic elegance of Cartier? Here at Watch Signals, we have the ultimate guide to buying your first Cartier watch.

This is because we will cover all the bases. From the collections available to where you can buy them. And, how to keep your luxury watches pristine over time.

A Brief Introduction to the Luxury Watches That Are Cartier

Cartier began in 1847 in Paris. Founder Louis-Francois Cartier established a brand to cater to the elite. From here, he built a family-run business to bring timepieces with beauty and luxury to the globe.

Moving to 1903, Cartier designed a ground-breaking timepiece. Which, would change all horology: the wristwatch. Inspired by his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, it remains the name of the style collection to this day: Santos.

Alberto Santos-Dumont was a pilot at his time. And the first Cartier Santos.
Courtesy: @italianwatchspotter

And, now, Cartier is still a staple part of luxury watch enthusiast collections.

Which Cartier Watch Collections are available to Men?

Unlike other exclusive brands – like Patek Philippe or Rolex – Cartier is more modern when it comes to buyers. Although a luxury watches brand, they welcome all customers and maintain an exclusive reputation. This is because their watches are still highly-priced and include magnificent horology and design.

Not only this, but their collections are broader, allowing you the choice of many more designs. Any, of which, are at your fingertips as your first Cartier watch as long as your budget allows for it.

Here’s a list of the luxury watch collections available through Cartier for men:

Tank de Cartier

Santos De Cartier: Classique

Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Ronde de Cartier

Drive de Cartier

Clé de Cartier

Rotonde de Cartier

Cartier Tortue


Cartier’s product-excellence also includes jewellery, engagement rings, leather goods, perfumes and gifts. This way, your collection of luxury watches can be more of a personal brand.

When Should I Consider Buying my First Cartier Watch?

As a guide to buying your first Cartier watch, you should only buy it when you are ready. This could be when you have; the budget, the right design in stock or a larger luxury watch collection

But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on the look-out or in contact with Cartier. Their Menagerie collection of the panther is an ever-changing tradition.

Cartier’s collections always feature classical timepieces built to be passed through generations. But, they will also feature bejeweled designs for the adventurous tycoon.

So, always keep an eye out for new releases!

Where Could I go to Purchase a Cartier Watch?

As an ultimate guide to buying your first Cartier watch, we have a list of places where you can find one.

  • In a Cartier Boutiques
  • On the Cartier website
  • Authorized retailers across the globe
  • A selection of luxury cruise ships
  • Through third-party websites (the grey watch market)
  • At auctions

When you go into the store to buy your first Cartier watch, you will receive service excellence. As a result, your watch will be fitted like a glove.

As promised by Cartier themselves, all authorised sellers are trained fitters. Your wristwatch will be fitted to ensure optimal winding and movement of the timepiece.

However, this only applies to luxury watches with an automatic mechanical movement.

Otherwise, Cartier also provides levels of personalization. This way your luxury watch is unique. Personalization includes:

  • Engraving on specific watches
  • Strap configurators for the Tank, Ronde and Santos
  • Other items that match your watch

The Aftermath: Registration and Care of your Luxury Watch

Cartier offers care services and tips for keeping your luxury watches in pristine. With this, the main points to consider are:

  • Making sure your watch isn’t exposed to too much magnetism
  • Don’t wear any other items on the wrist that may rub or scratch your watch
  • Don’t wear your watch to bed
  • Remove the watch for exercising, showering or intense heat such as a sauna
  • Clean using a soft and dry cloth

Cartier goes against the grain when it comes to modern consumption. This is because they want their watches to become heirlooms.

With that, they provide an extended warranty of 8 years for your luxury watches. Not only this, but you will receive exclusive benefits allowing you to maintain your timepiece for years to come.

So, now you have your watch and you know how to keep it beautiful. That was your guide to buying your first Cartier watch.

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