The Ultimate Guide to Buying your First Hublot Watch

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a secret organisation dedicated to a lifestyle of luxury, you’re in the right place. This is your personal guide to buying your first Hublot watch.

If adorning your wrist with Hublot isn’t enough, you may like to hear the promise of the Hublotista. It is a club that offers its members exclusive access to events and activities across the world.

A Brief Introduction to Hublot’s History

Founded in 1980, Hublot is the vision of Carlo Crocco. Carl wanted to be able to create an art of fusion between types of material. This fusion would create a watch that worked in both luxury and functionality.

Carlo Crocco was an Italian native but in 1976 left his work with the Binda Group. This company manufactures Breil watches. He then moved to Switzerland where he would begin making the first Hublot.

French for ‘porthole’, the inspiration for the casing was based on this feature. Hublot was also the first horologist in history to make a watch strap using natural rubber. Upon launch in 1980, it was one of Switzerland’s youngest luxury watchmakers. And, it didn’t drive the attention intended. 

But, with time, it became one of the most fusion-orientated luxury watch manufacturers. And, it was well-sought-after in the timepiece community.

The Reach of the Hublotista Family

Hublotista is a community of individuals who all use the Hublot brand. They have built partnerships with names such as Usain Bolt, Michael Clarke, Ferarri and Richard Orlinski.  

These partnerships have allowed the Hublotista owner’s club to offer exclusive benefits. Members have access to events, activities and manufacturer’s tours. 

Aside from these positives, the Hublot brand dedicates itself to social responsibility. Helping out causes around the world. Currently, Hublot support SORAI (Save Our Rhino Africa India), Best Buddies and the Only Watch Charity.

So, become a member of an exclusive luxury watch company. And, give back to worldwide communities at the same time through your first Hublot.

What Are the Hublot Watch Collections

To date, Hublot has five collections available to its members. 

Big Bang

As the brand’s flagship, the Big Bang watch was the first of its kind. It offered innovative mixtures of materials and styles to its owners. As a classic part of horological history, a Big Bang would be momentous for any watch enthusiast.

Classic Fusion

Hublot manufactures a majority of automatic movements. Although, some (such as the Classic Fusion ranges) offer quartz battery powered movement.

Spirit of Big Bang



Despite the innate masculine tones to the Hublot watches, the brand maintains minimalist technology. This is why you won’t see many complications on one watch. 

The ‘minimalist’ complications you’ll find with your first Hublot watch may be extra power reserves of 5 or 14 days 

Why do watch collectors hate Hublot?

You may have heard that few luxury watch collectors are enthusiastic about Hublot. And, there are a few reasons why they may feel this way.

Aside from differences in tastes, Hublot has made questionable decisions over the years. these decisions have stirred a negative perception within watch communities. 

So, let’s go back to history. In 2004, renowned marketing figurehead Jean-Claude Biver took control of Hublot’s brand management. With time, he began introducing ‘limited edition’ watch designs with every event. Some consider the many ‘limited edition’ releases to be too much. Thus decreasing their value without matching the price-tag.

Jean-Claude Biver @hublot_berlin

This was popular among big names in the celebrity industry who had the cash to splash. Yet, for watch enthusiasts, this atop borrowed designs and minimalism, it’s too much.

Meme from @watchtaster

Of course, Hublot has released stunning and innovative fusion-based timepieces over the years. So, it would be silly to pass on a watch you enjoy for its reputation among other watch enthusiasts. But, don’t expect it to keep value for investment.

The Service of Excellence

The Hublot is a collector’s watch passed through generations. This is because it will not yield the same investment benefits as other large luxury watches. The likes of Rolex, IWC Schaffhausen or Patek Philippe will focus on complications. Thus, meaning better investment opportunities.

But, to counteract this, Hublot offers outstanding longevity and high-class servicing. This way your watch will remain like new for years to come. If you’ve signed up with Hublotista, you’ll also receive an extra years’ warranty for your luxury watch. 

And, there you have it: a definitive guide to buying your first Hublot and the world of Hublotista.

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