A Definitive Guide to Buying your First Panerai Watch

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

As your guide to buying your first Panerai, we’re here to tell you the brand brings something unique to the table. Something you wouldn’t find with other luxury watches. Their Italian history lends itself to a pioneering foundation for horology: submersible technology.

Many say that the Panerai watch is one of the best watches for a beginning watch enthusiast. This is because Panerai gravitates towards minimalism, offering small complications with each watch. Thus, meaning that to find the watch with more complications; you’ll have to work your way up the timepiece chain.

An Introduction to the Panerai Family

As a new watchmaker (to the international market), it was actually founded in 1860.

Only in 1993 did Panerai watch collections become available to the general public. But, they made a true entrance as worldwide horologists of submersible timepieces.

Before becoming global, Panerai was loyal to the Royal Italian Navy. This is because of their Florence-origin and innovative use of luminescence in engineering. That’s right, Panerai was ahead of the kerb, offering radium-plated watches to the Navy.

As time progressed, the Royal Italian Navy’s demands grew towards durability. Meaning Panerai’s focus was on the outer casing, strap material and lugs. This further improved the luxury watch’s underwater resistance.

In September of 1993, there was an announcement of new collections on an Italian Navy cruiser. The ship’s name was “Durand De La Penne”.

Even today, Panerai watches are making strides in engineering history. They improve and thin the technology making classic Luminor watches with bettered mechanisms.

Why Should I Buy Panerai Luxury Watches?

This wouldn’t be a complete guide to buying your first Panerai watch without addressing sustainability. Unlike their rivals, Panerai conforms to the Richmont Group Corporate Code of Ethics.

Panerai works towards;

  • Zero-impact manufacturing,
  • promoting ‘eco’ behaviour,
  • using online materials where possible,
  • helping non-profits who aid in environmental change, and
  • using sustainable materials.

So, buying Panerai instead of other luxury watches means a greener carbon footprint.

The Italian Collection

Now we know the benefits of the Panerai brand, let’s move onto the available collections.

You may notice Panerai’s collection is much smaller than other watch brands. This is because Panerai offers more for sporting equipment. Not to mention the brand focuses on their watches unique abilities through personalisation.

Panerai Submersible

Panerai Luminor

Panerai Luminor Due

Panerai Radiomir

For your first Panerai, it may be worth looking towards the classic Luminor range. And, make sure that it is in the 44mm size rather than 40mm or 42mm as those look more feminine and have a low resale value.


The Luminor is a great entrée to any Panerai range. It provides the heart of Panerai’s contribution to the Royal Italian Navy. This is because they include the famous luminosity, water-resistance and minimalist complications.

All The Bells and Whistles

As mentioned, Panerai enjoys offering their collectors accessories and personalisation. You’ll often find yourself perusing extra watch straps, buckles and complication additions.

Here are the movements offered to the Panerai collector:

  • Minute Repeater
  • L’Astronomo
  • Lo Scienziato
  • Equation of Time
  • Regatta

Where Can I Buy My First Panerai?

After deciding to invest in your first Panerai, you’ll need to know where you can buy your luxury watches. Panerai has over 100 boutique stores across the globe. As well as this, they operate through approximately 534 authorised dealers.

So, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to access a Panerai dealer in your closest large city.

When buying your first Panerai, it’s important you prepare. You’ll need to know which style of watch you like as well as a few of their PAM numbers. This way you can enter stores and request specific watches. And, you’ll let authorised dealers know you are a watch enthusiast who doesn’t intend to sell-on to the gray market.


For example; if in the market for a Panerai Luminor Marina CarbotechTM 44mm, ref. PAM00661. Then, the authorised dealer would know you wanted an automatic mechanical timepiece with:

  • Glucydur® balance,
  • 28,800 alternations per hour,
  • Incabloc® anti-shock,
  • a power-reserve of 3 days, and
  • luminous Arabic numerals.

So, there you have it. Your definitive guide to buying your first Panerai watch. Get marching and salute to the horologists of the military.

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