A Complete Guide to buying your first Tudor watch

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Tudor is a watch company with a long history of producing luxurious watches but has been unknown to many until the past decade. Perhaps you are one of those who previously didn’t know the Tudor watches brand and its long history. Now you seek to understand more about this fascinating and fabulous luxury watch and are probably thinking of buying your very first Tudor watch. In this complete guide to buying your first Tudor, you will explore the background and history of the Tudor watch brand, the watch’s features, and the most common Tudor watch models that most people consider to buy first.

Brief history on Tudor watch

In 1926, Hans Wilsdorf founded the Tudor watch brand in Geneva. Fortunately, he is also the founder of the Rolex watch.

Hans Wilsdorf said this in an interview, giving the reason why he stated Tudor watch company:

For several years now, I have considered making a watch that would sell our agents at a modest price than our Rolex watches and achieve the quality standards that Rolex is famous for. Intending to produce and sell this new watch, I decided to start a separate company.” – Hans Wilsdorf


This is an excellent opportunity for people who love to wear attractive, quality, and luxury watches, just like Rolex watches, but don’t have enough financial stability to acquire one. Tudor watches can be a great substitute.

Tudor Black Bay 58 or Rolex Hulk?

Initially, Rolex components were used for old Tudor watches; they were produced with different dials and off-the-shelf ETA to make them available at lower prices. This is why vintage Tudor watches are available with Rolex logos or case and crown marks.

Today, Tudor watches have their unique case and dial design, which distinguishes them from Rolex watches.

How to choose a Tudor watch for yourself

If you are thinking of buying a Tudor watch or are unsure of the model to buy, This Tudor buyer guide will navigate you through the different Tudor watches collections to help you decide your dream watch

Adventurer Watch: Tudor Black Bay collections

Tudor Black Bay celebrates 60 years of diving watches with an extraordinary heritage and without argument one of Tudor’s most iconic watches. The Tudor Black Bay has been evaluated with some of its most intense fields in a relaxed, practical, and reliable tool, winning the Navy’s universal acknowledgment worldwide.

The Tudor Black Bay collection has incredible luxury watches with different case sizes, various models (from the Black Bay Bronze to the Black Bay Dark), and some powered by the Tudor in-house MT5602 movement.


List of Tudor Black bay models

  • Tudor Black Bay 58
  • Tudor Black Bay 
  • Tudor Black Bay Steel 
  • Tudor Black Bay GMT 
  • Tudor Black Bay P01
  • Tudor Black Bay Acciaio ed Oro 
  • Tudor Black Bay Bronze 
  • Tudor Black Bay Dark 
  • Tudor Black Bay Chrono 
  • Tudor Black Bay Chrono Acciaio ed Oro 
  • Tudor Black Bay Chrono PVD 

Special features of Tudor Black Bay collections

  • It has a case sizes ranging from 32mm – 43mm
  • Its’ waterproof ability ranges from 150-200m

Tudor black bay collections are perfect for outdoor adventurer seekers because it is a rugged and durable luxury watch with high water resistance. For people who want a mechanical watch, it is also a perfect luxury watch for men, and lastly for people trying to have a classic vintage watch style.

Dive Watch: Tudor Pelagos 

Tudor Pelagos is built for underwater adventure as a versatile luxury watch that knows no limits. It has a water waterproof ability up to 500 m and also as a fitted exhaust helium valve; It is a perfect luxury watch for ‘saturation’ dives because of its special self-adjustable harness, which extends or sticks to a varied depth and water pressure; the Pelagos makes the most significant impacts as a result of this functions.


Special features of Tudor Pelagos 

  • It has a 42mm case size
  • Its waterproof ability is up to 500m and is fitted with a helium escape valve

It is perfect for sailing, even in seawater because of its high corrosive ability; it also has high precision qualities.

Polar Adventure Watch: Tudor North Flag

The Tudor North Flag ticks all boxes on your wish list if you want to explore the world’s farthest ends. The North Flag Collections have survived some of the most dangerous and harsh environments on earth, inspired by Tudor Oyster Prince produced in the 1950s. The North Flag has even squeaked good looks, as though its roughness was not enough. Corner, thinly molded and fully satin, provides a highly luxury watch looks that will fit in on any polar mission.


Special features of Tudor North Flag

  • It has a 40mm case size with a sapphire crystal case back
  • Its waterproof ability is up to 100m

It is perfect for outdoor adventurers seeking a watch that can handle any harsh condition and looking for a watch to fit any occasion. It is also a perfect watch Tudor watch for men.

Dress Watch: Tudor Glamour

The Tudor Glamour collection is the ultimate representation of retro elegance and luxurious watch identity which represents what the luxury Swiss brand stands for. With the most demanding technical excellence, this is a Luxury watch that will never look out of place with your sharpest suit.


Special features of Tudor Glamour

  • It has a 26-42mm case size 
  • Its waterproof ability is up to 100m

It is perfect Tudor watch for men looking for a watch to fit their unique dress or to stand out amidst others because of its diamond dial dot, which reflects glamourous light. This probably why it is called Tudor Glamour.

Tudor five-year warranty

In view of Tudor clocks’ price points, it’s fair to conclude that Tudor watches provide excellent money value. In particular, Tudor has extended the warranty on all watches bought in 2020 to five years, in which its counterparts, such as Rolex and Omega, offer the same warranty.

Today, only a few brands in the same price range as Tudor offers five years warranty, which makes Tudor a remarkable and exceptional in the luxury watch industry.

Which Tudor is your favourite? Let us know in the comment!

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