How to detect fake Rolex Pepsi?

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Examine your Rolex Batman, Rolex Pepsi GMT, or Rolex Root Beer closely using the tells below!

The quickest technique to identify counterfeit Rolex Pepsi GMT watches is to check the stacking of the hands. The makers must place the hands of genuine Rolex GMT timepieces in the correct sequence: Hour, Coordinated Universal Time, Minutes, and Seconds. On the other hand, Replica watches usually have the following line on their hand stack: GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time, is an abbreviation for Hour, Minutes, and Seconds.

How to identify counterfeit Rolex Pepsi GMT watches?

Step 1: Authentic vs. Rolex Hand stacked Pepsi GMT.

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The first phase in the Rolex Pepsi GMT authenticity check compares the order of the hands-on actual and fake watches.

The Rolex PEPSI GMT watches always follow a pattern.

Also, imitation watches frequently mix up their hands, making it difficult to distinguish between fake and genuine Rolex GMTs. The reason why the hands are just not positioned in the same sequence is due to the mechanism.

Genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watches must have:

  1. The hour hand is nearest to the “surface,” or the watch display.
  2. The GMT pointer is placed above
  3. Then the minutes and seconds hands.

Most fake Rolex Pepsi GMT watches have their hands messed up and do not apply the proper pattern.

The fake watches usually have the hour GMT hand first, then perhaps the hour hand, the minute’s hand, and finally the seconds hand.

Remember that the way the hands are arranged matters in the Rolex Pepsi GMT certification procedure.

A timepiece with the appropriate hand position is not inherently legitimate. Some imitation Rolex GMT Masters get the hands right but miss other indicators. This indicator is at the forefront because it will quickly sort out most non-best-batch counterfeit Rolex GMT Masters.

Step 2: Rolex replica compared to original Pepsi GMT motion

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See the fake versus genuine Rolex. Pepsi GMT for motion.

When you pull out the crown to change the hour, the hour hand will “jump” through one hour to the next, without the minute hand moving.

On the other hand, replica Rolex Pepsi GMT watches feature an hour hand that moves together with the minute’s hand.

Again, you won’t notice this on an original Rolex Pepsi GMT, as the hour hand constantly jumps to another hour without the other hands changing.

Step 3: Rotate the Pepsi GMT’s bezel.

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The third way of authenticating Rolex Pepsi GMT watches is to check the bezel movement.

The bezel of an original Rolex Pepsi GMT watch should spin smoothly.

Then, when it comes to the Rolex Pepsi GMT watches, the bezel rotation condition usually alters.

Because the imitation Pepsi GMT bezel rotates more complex than the genuine watch, the fake watch bezels are less smooth than expected.

Step 4: Check the Rolex Pepsi GMT solid end links

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The fourth step in identifying imitation Rolex Pepsi GMT watches is to look for solid end links.

Genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watches always have to have their parts joined and fixed adequately, without any gaps.

The fake watch’s band is incorrectly connected.

It is not true of the authentic pieces since there are several open areas between the bracelet and the watch.

Step 5: Examine the Rolex Pepsi GMT bezel engravings.

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The numerals are engraved on the outside of the bezel.

The fake watch’s lettering is bent.

Genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watches feature numerals that curve and arch like the bezel, of course, a circle.

The numerals on the imitation watches are straight, not curved.

Step 6: Check the GMT indicator and dial text color.

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The next stage in the advice on verifying Rolex Pepsi GMT watches is to compare the colors of the two timepieces.

Authentic timepieces must have a vibrant and nuanced green color.

The genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watch has a richer, more saturated green, whereas the copy has too dark green on the GMT pointer and too light writing on the dial.

The font used on the Rolex Pepsi GMT watch’s dial may be distinguished by the roman numeral “2” in the name inscribed on the dial.

The three choices are roman numeral 2, rectangle roman numeral 2, and stick numeral 2. Please see the image below, which shows all three possibilities for the dial on an actual watch.

Step 7: Examine your Pepsi GMT’s cyclops lens.

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The cyclops sense of genuine versus fake Rolex Pepsi GMT watches the eighth approach to recognizing fake Pepsi GMT watches.

The cyclops glass on the Pepsi GMT Rolex watch reflects a lot of light.

The genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watch includes a high-grade AR-coated cyclops lens that doesn’t reflect light.

The genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watch will never have light reflecting the date number. However, the imitation watches do not have an anti-reflective covering on the cyclops glass.

Step 8: Examine the Rolex GMT bezel’s teeth shape.

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The bezel teeth on the faux Pepsi GMT Rolex have varying shades.

The fake watch’s bezel teeth are less glossy than the genuine ones, whereas the authentic watch’s bezel teeth are more matte.

Step 9: Real versus fake Rolex Pepsi GMT typeface

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Each letter on a genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watch must have the same font weight and orientation.

The date wheel of most counterfeit Pepsi GMT watches has problems such as font-weight and number arrangement.

In reality, the fake Rolex watch’s number “2” seems overly thin next to the number “8”, but the genuine watch’s numbers “1” and “0” have the same font-weight.

In addition, the “2” is a touch too wide and situated too low beside the “8” on the fake Rolex date wheel.

The genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT watch contains both “1” and “0” at the same level in terms, with no numbers misplaced. The dates are also precisely placed.

Step 10: Examine the Rolex crown emblem on the clasp.

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The eleventh step in the advice on recognizing bogus Rolex Pepsi GMT watches is to search for the traditional Rolex crown mark on the clasp.

In the false vs. genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT picture above, the fake watch’s crown appears to be overly thick and rough.

The genuine Rolex Pepsi GMT features a slimmer and less grainy classic crown logo than the fake watch, overly thick and rough.

Step 11: Examine the carvings on the Rolex Pepsi GMT clasp.

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The lettering on the fake watch is thin.

The lettering, lines, and crown emblem around the “ROLEX” inscription on the imitation Pepsi GMT watch are very thin, whereas the genuine watch has thicker detailing.

The “GENEVA” and “SWISS MADE” inscriptions are also too tiny on the fake watch, whereas the actual watch’s writing is thicker.

Similarly, the fake watch’s “GENEVA” and “SWISS MADE” words are wrongly unevenly spaced between the letters on the right side of the band.

That is, the fraudulent watch has these words with an excessive amount of space between both the characters and letters that are overly large compared to the legitimate watch’s lettering.

How to spot a phony Rolex Pepsi GMT in 60 sec?

Try this 60-second approach to authenticate your Rolex Pepsi GMT. Here are the top signs of a fake Rolex GMT watch.

  • Check your Rolex Pepsi GMT hand stack. The makers should place the hands in the following order: hour, GMT, hand, second hand.
  • Check your watch’s GMT movement. Unlike the fake watches, the genuine GMT movement has a hand that jumps from hour to hour.
  • Check your Rolex’s bezel rotation. Authentic Rolex GMTs feature a smooth revolving bezel, while counterfeit watches have a rugged rotating bezel.
  • Look for sturdy end links of your Rolex Pepsi GMT.
  • Check the carvings on the dial of your Rolex Pepsi GMT watch.
  • Examine the shade of green on the GMT pointer and the words on the bezel of your watch.
  • Check your watch for anti-reflective coatings on the cyclops lenses.
  • Verify the bezel’s teeth on your Pepsi GMT.
  • Look at the typeface of the date spinner.
  • Check the Rolex crown original emblem on the wristband of your watch. Most fake Pepsi GMT crowns are overly thick and textured.
  • Examine the lettering and features on the Rolex Pepsi GMT clasp.

The wording and features on most duplicate GMTs are excessively thin. Also, the language on the clasp of fake timepieces is frequently too massive and too close together.

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