How to Mod Seiko Watches

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Modding is just a catchy phrase for modifying and is mostly used when referring to modifying a watch’s aesthetics. Industrious watch enthusiasts are always looking for ways to customize their timepieces. If you’re looking to modify your Seiko watch, this is the place to learn how!

We’ll cover some of the most popular modifications, including bezel polishing and refinishing, crown polishing and replacement, case polishing and refinishing, bracelet polishing and replacement, dial restoration, crystal replacement, movement replacement, band modification, and more.

Seiko SRPD79 mod – Credits: jack_hypoxia/IG

Why Mod Your Seiko Watch?

Seiko is a renowned Japanese brand with lots of following among professional and amateur modders. The watch offers lots of freedom allowing you to customize almost every aspect of your timepiece. This, coupled with many aftermarkets spares available in the market, Seiko is a prime asset for personalized watch enthusiasts.

Modding your Seiko watch allows you to instill a customized theme that best describes your personality. It also enables you to achieve elegance and style that’s unique. But the main reason why people mod Seiko watches is to replicate the more expensive watches. If you don’t have the bucks for a Rolex Submariner, modding your Seiko watch allows you to obtain that excellent look of the Submariner without spending a fortune.

Last but not least, modding Seiko watch lets you explore the creativity in you by trying something new. Wearing the same type of watch for a long time can get boring, but you can give it a fresh breath of life by simply modding it. 

Which Seiko Watch is The Best to Mod?

There are several Seiko watches you can mod, with the majority on the lower side of the market which won’t be costly to make a mistake on. If you’re looking for the best Seiko watch to modify, Seiko SKX007 is the leader of Seiko mod. Seiko Turtles follow closely as the easiest to mod for those joining the world of aftermarket watch modification.

Modding includes mix and match various aspects of a watch, such as the dials, bezels, and mechanical components. As such, it needs to be done using a base watch offering a wide range of custom modification options. Seiko encompasses the features of all other brands hence makes a perfect choice of modding.

The Different Modding Options Available

If you’re just getting started into the world of modding, the whole process can seem time-consuming and complicated. But the truth is that it’s the opposite. With so many enthusiasts of mod watches sharing ideas and creative ways of breathing new life into Seiko watches.

Mango Mods Seiko Mod Parts – Credits:

When considering modifying your watch, you’ll have to choose whether to do a full or subtle modification.

Overhaul modding

As the name suggests, overhaul modification involves completely changing the look of your watch. You can collect aftermarket parts and craft an enviable watch from other brands and models. Here you’ll only be limited by your imaginations and getting the parts with the desired specs.

However, Seiko stands out boldly as it offers matching parts for any type of mod you want to achieve. If you want to portray your national pride or favorite sports team, finding the right parts with Seiko will be the least of your worries.

Subtle modding

The subtle modification involves changing only specific aspects of the watch to achieve the desired appeal. It can be as simple as shuffling the colors or a little demanding as changing the crystals and bezels. Subtle mod drastically affects your watch’s entire look even though only a little modification is done.

You may choose to modify the colors of the straps to match your outfit and add a sense of uniformity.

Step-by-step Modding Procedure

So you already have an idea of how you’d like your Seiko watch to look like. How do you achieve that authentic mod design to give your watch a fresh breath of life? Below is a simple modding DIY you can follow.

Just know that the actual modding procedure is in-depth and requires special tools and attention to achieve the desired look without ruining your watch’s aesthetics.

  1. Remove the straps – press down the flanges on the stock strap then pull it out gently.
  2. Open the back case – using a case opener, carefully open the back case of your watch. This will expose the delicate moving parts of the watch, and that’s where the real fun begins.
  3. Remove the crown and the stem – using a toothpick, gently push down the lever to detach the stem and crown. Next, remove the moving parts compartment from the watch’s casing. Gently nudge the moving compartment from the casing with a toothpick.
  4. Remove the time pointer hands – make sure you’ve aligned all the hands to face one direction, the 12H, then pull them outwards using a hand remover in a single fell swoop.
  5. Remove dial – using a flathead screwdriver, gently lift the dial from its plastic bracket.
  6. Replace the dial – after aligning the legs of your new dial with the plastic bracket holes, fix the new dial firmly in place.
  7. Replace time pointers – start by applying the hour pointer and adjust it to point to the 12H. while holding it down with tweezers, gently put the minute pointer in position and adjust it to 12H. if you do this right, the pointers should accurately point every hour.Next, apply the seconds’pointer.
  8. Replace the crystal – you can gently remove the stock crystal using a crystal remover. Put in the new crystal then level it by gently applying pressure to the case.
  9. Replace the stem and case – lastly, return the stem and crown into position then press the movement compartment into the case firmly. Connect the new straps, and you’re done! You’ve just modded your Seiko watch with a new great look!

Are you feeling like it’s daunting for you or maybe the precision and attention to detail is beyond your expertise level? You can grab ready modded Seiko watches from reputable sellers. Also, mod specialists can implement your mod design on your watch to achieve your desired look.

Example of turning regular Seiko watch from AD to Pepsi look with Seiko Mods – Credits:


Seiko mod watches offer an exemplary look that you would only find in high-end watches like Rolex. What makes Seiko easy to mod is that it offers plenty of aftermarket parts to help you achieve any desired look. And they’re built to allow customization to the finer details as desired.

If you’re just getting started with modding Seiko watches, it’s not as complicated as you may have imagined. It’s a simple process to go through. But if you’re unsure about achieving the desired result, you can purchase ready mod Seiko watches or have a mod specialist mod it for you.

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