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Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Ari: Hi Giorgia, welcome to Watch Signals. Thank you so much for taking the time with us today. It’s a pleasure to have you here to chat about your journey. For some audience who haven’t known about you, could you share a bit about who you are and what you do?

Giorgia: Thank you for having me! It is nice to be involved in a new project which is taking shape. I joined the family business ten years ago and we brought the Mondani Books to be known all around the world. Now we can really say that our Books are everywhere! You can go to for more information.

Thanks to a huge network of clients and followers 3 years ago I created Mondani Web: the world’s leading agency of communication entirely focused on the watch world. Mondani Web not only offers a social media visibility and online advertisement, but it is also a network of reliable trusted watch dealers . We have over 2 million followers among Instagram and Facebook and my profile hopefully will soon reach 200’000 followers.

Ari: That’s amazing what you have built!  How did Mondani Web begin?

Giorgia: Mondani Web was originally an idea of my husband.. He was convinced that we had to take advantage of this huge audience to do something good in the world of horology… And he was right ! Mondani Web helps the community to recognize those dealers who really deserve to sell watches and being worldwide known as serious professionals. Today internet is a jungle and it is very easy to have bad experiences and wasting lots of money. We support and guarantee for our dealers, and we show our face for them.

Ari: Why did you start Mondani Web?

Giorgia: Apart from the above said, I really wanted to build something together with my husband and our company, also created together with my parents, makes us even closer.

Ari: So, you are one of a few women who are leading in this luxury watch industry. What was your biggest challenge to get to where you are today? What did you learn from it?

Giorgia: Being one of the few women in a male world has pros and cons and I knew it from the beginning. That is why I have strict rules when I meet clients at the shows. For example, I have never accepted an invitation for dinner or for a drink and since when I started dating Daniele (who then became my husband) I never traveled alone. All my clients have my personal telephone number for WhatsApp but our conversations are very limited to professional topics. I think at the beginning the role of a woman in this business (in this case, my role) was a bit underestimated but my continuous presence made many people change their opinion about this. Instagram also helped me a lot in this: this “magic” social media gave me big popularity because I could finally show to the entire world what I was doing, my knowledge, connections, travels, etc. But it was not easy, I mean, social media are a full time job and I still spend a huge number of hours per day on my profile.
Photo: Selfie of Giorgia’s happy family. Daniele (left), Mia, Giorgia

Ari: You have worked closely with so many trusted dealers and auction houses all around the world. What is your view on the current watch market and where it is heading?

Giorgia: Today everyone is talking badly about the secondary market, because prices are high, there is too much speculation, etc. But the truth is that every collector follows the market, dealers are more every day and they sell a lot. But only the good ones can resist in this jungle. If you are not serious, in the end, you will not survive. The market is dangerous today, that is why we really believe in buying always from reliable sellers.

I also work with so many auction houses that ask our support to promote their events and I must say that the quality of watches is very high and today we can buy from several international auction houses, even smaller ones, avoiding the unreasonable prices achieved by some leading companies.

Ari: For those who haven’t known, the Mondani family has been a big watch collector through many generations. So Giorgia, please tell us about your favourite watches! We’d love to hear the stories behind them.

Yes my dad used to collect Rolex since I a was a small child, he sold an amazing collection of 309 Rolex watches at auction in 2007 and he keeps collecting rare watches. I collect myself too and my husband as well.
I also love watches with a history behind it and my favorite watches are:
the Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711 that I gave as a gift to my husband for the birth of our daughter Mia; the Rolex Daytona-Date yellow gold green dial that Daniele gave me as a gift during our wedding. The Rolex Submariner Hulk simply because I love green. and I like it as everyday watch The Omega Speedmaster Ultraman (modern version) because it was my first Omega, a brand that I truly love and appreciate.

Ari: So, tell us more about what you have been working on lately?

Giorgia: Apart from working hard for selecting the world’s best watch dealers for Mondani Web, now we are about to launch the third issue of the Mondani Magazine ( a yearly publication with an exclusive content, written by famous watch experts) which is a free gift for all the Mondani Books buyers. Fort the first time, we will also launch the Mondani Magazine App for allowing people to access the digital version!
The Mondani Books are also doing very good and at the moment we have very specific titles about Rolex (technical and thematic books about the main topologies and more general about the entire production ) and Patek Philippe.
Every year we try to realize more specific works in order to satisfy our client’s and collectors’ needs.
See all titles at

Ari: Interesting! Why should people read Mondani books and magazines?

Giorgia: Because the reliable sources on the internet are really rare ( there are good ones, but only a few sites.. most pages say lots of bad information) and collectors need to have reliable and safe information before buying or selling a luxury watch. Our books are worldwide renowned book-guides to collect, invest, buy, sell and trade modern and vintage Rolex.

Ari: So, where can we find your books and magazines?

Giorgia: but we also have official Amazon, eBay and Catawiki stores. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any specific question.

Ari: Last question although I could do this forever! [laugh]. What are your goals for your business in the next 12 or 18 months?

Giorgia: This is a nice question but it is going to be difficult to have clear goals because our second baby is arriving in April and family is gonna have priority. But I don’t work alone, we are a family and a team so companies will become even stronger and Mondani Web is growing.

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