Top 10 Modified Seiko Watches

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Watch modification is becoming a popular thing to do these days especially with the watch collecting community. It’s where enthusiasts tinker with their watches and create stunning and customized pieces they can wear.

One of the most famous and widely used watches for customization is Seiko. Why? Well, because of its affordability and easy access to premium parts that creates an avenue for a personalized watch experience that reflects one’s self.

10. Seiko SKX007

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The Seiko SKX007 is a modern reincarnation of the original Seiko 5 diver’s watch which was launched back in 1996.

It took some time for it to be manufactured back into mainstream use, but now that it’s officially back on track, it easily made its way into the realms of watch modification because of its affordability and iconic branding.

9. Duck for Cover

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The Duck for Cover is a great choice for modding as it is made from premium stainless steel and measures 42.5 mm wide along with a length of 46 mm.

It’s because of this that this watch is one of the biggest choices on the list. Its dial is very clear and has dots that represent numbers. The o-clock positions are also marked with long oval shapes while the 3 o-clock dictates the date and day.

8. Seiko SKX009

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Then there is the Seiko SKX009, which is another variant of the SKX007. But what makes this different is that it has a unique and more classic finish on its bezel.

It features the legendary Pepsi- style of Seiko that has a deep blue color running between the 12 o’clock to 4 o-clock time frame.

What’s great about this is that it has a 200-meter water resistance level that has a 50-minute marking once selected. This lets you track how long you stay underwater.

7. Seiko SKX011

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The Seiko SKX011 is another choice to consider for watch modification. But what makes this difference among the others is that it has two variants available.

The first variant is the SKX011J, a Japanese-manufactured watch. The second is the SKX011K which is made in South Korea.

6. Kraken

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The Kraken is a top choice as this features a 7S26 movement which has an accuracy rating of +20 and -40 seconds daily. It also has a non-winding and non-hacking movement ideal for watch modification because of its easy replaceability.

This measures 42 mm in diameter and has a lug length of 45.5 mm. Plus, it weighs a very light 3.68 ounces which is ideal for diving.

5. Seiko SNK809

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The Seiko SNK809 is a worthy addition to the best Seiko watches for modification because it brings back the classic and nostalgic vibe of the original Seiko 5 which was produced in the 1960s.

The top features of this watch are its automatic movement and high water resistance rating that compliments its own 4 o-clock crown and robust design made for the outdoors. This also has a more sophisticated look compared to other models, making this ideal for further modifications.

You’ll also find Arabic numbers inside its inner ring that has a 5-minute and 60-minute readout. Meanwhile, it has hands that take the shape of a diamond. The numbers are also illuminated and can easily be seen during the night.

4. Seiko SNZF15

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The Seiko SNZF15 is a worthy competitor to the best Seiko watches for modification thanks to its more accurate 7S36 movement which is much better than the original 7S26.

But what makes this Seiko stand on its own is that it used a 3 o-clock crown which has a rating of +40 -20 seconds daily.

3. Black Bay

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Black Bay is a watch that is made for the great outdoors and can be used for diving, although, just make sure that you stay well near its diving resistance levels.

It will also be wise to ensure that the mods you’re doing on them are all in line with their specifications so you don’t mess up their elegance.

Mod parts might also seem easy for Seiko watches. But note that smartwatches are becoming more of a competitor to these iconic Seikos, so be prepared to have a harder time finding the right mods.

2. Seiko 1675

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The Seiko 1675 is another one you can check out. It is similar to the SKX009 model because of the bezel that has a Pepsi-style look.

But take note, though, that this isn’t a diver’s watch, so you better keep it out of deep diving. This has a diameter measurement of 42 mm and a thickness of 13 mm. It also has a Hardlex mineral crystal that has a high scratch and shatter-resistance level.

1. Lil Yachty

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The Lil Yachty is the base watch for many modifications due to its simplicity, sophistication, and ease of modifications.

Its robust build, affordable but premium material, and its iconic branding all make it a widely sought out watch for modification.

It also has a luminous second hand that lets you check your watch even if there is very minimal lighting underwater. Plus put in its magnetic resistance and you’ve got a safe diver’s watch great for deep diving.


With this being said, you can see how effective and efficient these watches are for Seiko mod. All of these choices are affordable even if they share the luxurious vibe and iconic brilliance of the Seiko watch family.

Nonetheless, Seiko mod is way easier for these Seikos because of its capability to be easily personalized based on the personal preferences of the user.

You just need to make sure that the customizations you’re going to do on them compliment the overall design, looks, and structure of the watch so they don’t end up losing their value and classic elegance.

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