Top 10 Modified Seiko Watches

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Founded in the 1800s, Seiko, a Japanese watch manufacturer, has become one of the leading wristwatch brands in the world. The brand is entitled to have released several firsts in the world of wristwatches, including the first quartz watch, the first quartz chronograph, and the world-renowned Kinetic watches.

In the last several decades, the brand has introduced several watch models, many of which have become design classics. Moreover, it is also the favorite brand for watch modding enthusiasts. If you are new to Seiko mod and searching for beginner-friendly wristwatches for modding, here is a list of top 10 you can consider-

10. SNZF15

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Seiko 5 SNZF15 is a modern take on the older Seiko 5 models. Instead of the traditional 7S26 movement, the SNZF15 features 7S36 with the crown placed at 3 o’clock. Moreover, it is also one of the first few watches from Seiko to feature the magic lever that allows crown winding in both directions.

The watch has a 42mm case diameter and features Hardlex mineral crystal like most Seiko watches. You can start modding this watch by swapping the crystal, hands, dial, bezel, and straps.

9. Sea Urchin

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The timeless design of the Seiko 5 SNZF17 Sea Urchin has made it the go-to choice for Seiko mod enthusiasts. The value for money watch with a 41mm case diameter is ideal for people with smaller, medium, and bigger wrists. The 24 jewel watch features the 7S36 movement with a power reserve of 40 hours approx.

While finding mod parts for Sea Urchin is not as easy as other popular Seiko models, if you search online, you should come across some stores that sell dials, bezels, cases, and hands of this classic model.

8. SRP Turtle

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At 44mm, the SRP Turtle is one of the largest watches on this list. However, the unique design with the cushion case and short lugs make it an ideal option even for people with smaller wrists. It is also very common for larger dive watches to have an unbalanced appeal. But if you try SRP Turtle, you’ll see that it feels pretty natural and comfortable on the wrist.

The watch has a stainless steel case and features Hardlex mineral crystal. It also has the more advanced 24-Jewel 4R36 Automatic self-winding movement. You can find an extensive range of mod parts for the SRP Turtle, including watch hands, bezels, crystals, dials, and even watch cases.

7.  SKX011

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Seiko released SKX011 along with 007/009 in 1996. Initially, the watch was released in two versions- 011J (Japan) and 011K (Korea). The watch features 7S26 movement, which is also found in SKX007/009. While the 42mm watch is slightly slimmer than 007/009, it only weighs 3.68 ounces as opposed to the 4.80 ounces weight of 007/009.

If you are a modding beginner interested in Seiko mod, the SKX011 could be a great starting point. As for what can be done with the watch, you are free to experiment with its pumpkin orange dial, numerical/indices, hands, and crown.

6. SKX013

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If this is the first time that you are looking at SKX013, you might confuse it with the SKX007 as they are similar in many aspects. From their hands, dial, aluminum bezel insert to the crows at 4 o/clock, the SKX013 is a true doppelganger of SKX007. However, the SKX007 is bigger, with a case diameter of 42.5mm, while the SKX013 has a case size of 38mm.

The watch has a stainless steel case with 7S26 movement. If you have small wrists and are looking for an affordable yet high-quality dive watch, the SKX013 can be a great Seiko mod option. With this watch, you can experiment with the bezel, crystal, crown, chapter ring, and dial.  

5. SNZH57

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The Fifty Fife Fathoms collection from Blanc Pain continues to influence the modern world of diver watches. Seiko’s SNZH57 is also loosely based on this timeless collection, albeit in the medium price range. The 43mm watch is equipped with flat Hardlex crystal and 7S36 movement, an upgraded version of 7S26.

The most popular mod for SNZH57 is swapping the components for paying homage to the Fifty Fife Fathoms collection. You can swap the dial, numerals/indices, hands, bezel insert, and case back to make the SNZH57 look like one from Blanc Pain.

4. SNK809

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The SNK809 is widely considered the best entry-level automatic watch. It is one of the smallest timepieces on this list, making it a great Seiko mod choice for beginners with a small wrist size. Moreover, as the watch has a field style, it is highly compatible with modern consumers and their preferences.

The 37mm watch features Hardlex crystal with 7S26 caliber automatic movement. Some of the most common mod choices include swapping the dial and hands. As with other models like SKX007/009, you can also go ahead and replace the caliber with something more advanced.

3. Seiko 7002

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For enthusiasts who have a soft spot for vintage watches, the Seiko 7002 can be an excellent choice for modding. The watch was first introduced in 1988, and it quickly became one of the most popular diver’s watches. It was discontinued around 1996 and replaced by SKX that has taken the top spot in this list. The 41mm watch features flat Hardlex crystal with 7002 automatic movement.

Modding options include restoration of worn-out components, replacing the original lume, and adding high-quality movement parts. The Seiko 7002 was manufactured with a few different variations by the brand. Many of the modding enthusiasts also experiment by mixing and matching the watch components.

2. Seiko 5

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If you are looking for a pocket-friendly Seiko mod, you can experiment with the Seiko 5 (SNK809). It is one of the most popular beater watches in the world. What is a beater watch, anyway? In simple words, a beater watch is nothing but a wristwatch that can be worn without worrying about denting, scratching, wetting, devaluing, or losing.

Back to the Seiko 5- it is a 37mm wristwatch with the same flat Hardlex crystal and 7S26 movement. As it is a small watch, it is often preferred by people with a small wrist size. Beginners can start modding this watch by swapping the straps, crystal, movement, hands, and dial. You can easily fund tons of modding options and components for Seiko 5.

1. SKX007/009

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The SKX007/009 is probably the most popular Seiko watch and an all-time favorite of modders. The watch with a 42.5mm case diameter features flat Hardlex crystals. Swapping the crystal, commonly with sapphire crystal, is the most common Seiko mod of this model. If you’d like to give a more vintage appearance to its diver styling, you can also consider acrylic crystal.

Another great option is to swap the 7S26 automatic movement of the watch with either Seiko 6R15 or Seiko 4R36 caliber. Both of these calibers offer hacking and hand-winding features, which the SKX007/009 lacks.

Seiko Modding Done Right

Selecting a Seiko watch for modding should depend on the look you are trying to achieve. So, beginners should work backward first to establish the watch build they are aiming for and then choose a Seiko watch that best meets the purpose.

Watch out for the models listed above, as they are some of the most popular Seiko mod options and are perfect for modding beginners.

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