How to Pick a Watch Bracelet

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Choosing the right watch bracelet is important because you are going to use this for your watch.

Your watch is a vital part of yourself because this helps you keep track of time. But it’s more than just a timepiece, because it has also become a reflection of yourself.

It is deeply connected within your personality, so you need to also make sure that its design, function, and branding adheres to your own attitude and lifestyle.

But you can easily get lost and confused with all the many choices out there when it comes to choosing the best watch bracelet.

Fortunately, you have found this article. Because here, we are going to show you the top things you must consider when choosing a watch bracelet for your to-be-modified watch.

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The color is an important consideration to make because this is what ensures that your watch will complement your looks and outfit.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want flashy stuff, then we recommend you choose a watch bracelet that has earth tones so that it won’t be much of a head turner. This also means that the watch can easily compliment your looks and adapt with whatever you wear.

The most common earth colors are gray, brown, black, and flesh. Meanwhile, if you want something to spice up your mood and if you want a chique and flashy watch strap, then go for cyan, pink, or bright yellow.

It really just depends on you, so weigh things out. It’s also best to consider your skin color. Darker watch strap colors work best for darker skin tones. Meanwhile, lighter colors look nicer on lighter skin tone.

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The design of the bracelet is important because this is where the fun starts. Make sure that the aesthetics compliment your own preferences because you surely don’t want to get one that looks bad on your own opinion.

Most watch bracelets today are minimalistic and have a low-profile design because these sport a more outdoor-type aesthetic that works well on our more active lifestyles.

They also sport a more futuristic vibe, much more like the smartwatches that we have today. It’s all about how your watch looks. So, even though you might have a pretty nice and good-looking watch, it’s still important that you make sure that the bracelet that it is attached to is also nice.


The brand is another important consideration to make because this is where most of the value of your strap depends on.

Iconic brands such as Seiko, Casio, Timex, and the more futuristic smart watch straps of Apple for their iWatch collection show how brand can determine the overall value of your watch. Being brand conscious isn’t a big issue.

In fact, it is an important factor because watches are more about their status symbol. Getting a branded and iconic watch strap shows that you have the financial power to stay on top. In simpler words, watches, most specifically the bracelet is has, is also about the bragging rights.

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Considering the size is important. You want to make sure that the strap is not too big or too wide for you. The average wrist size male is 120/70 mm to 130/85 mm. Measure your wrist first and make sure that the strap you’ll choose is the right size of your hand.

You surely don’t want to wear a watch that looks like a satellite telephone attached to your wrist, right? Well, that’s where size comes in.

Also, note that straps have their own sizes in terms of width. The thicker your strap is, the more visible it is to others, which can then attract attention. Meeanwhile, thinner straps are more low-key and can easily blend well with your outfit.


Consider the material the watch bracelet is made of. Some of the most common materials out there are silicone, rubber, leather, metal, and fabric. If you are a sporty person, it’s best that you choose a strap that is made from fabric or rubber.

These work well even if your wrist and hands is very sweaty. Meanwhile, it’s best to choose leather straps if you are always in cold and air conditioned places just like in the office. Leather bracelets are also more versatile because they work well both indoors and outdoors.

On the other hand, it is best if you choose a watch bracelet made from metal if you like to looki luxurious and you are more into formal events and occasions.

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Budget also plays an important role in choosing a watch bracelet. Note that you might save a lot of money if you are going to buy an affordable and cheap bracelet for your watch. But doing so also means that you are compromising quality.

Affordable straps aren’t as good as the more expensive ones because they are made of cheaper materials. This means that they are not going to last as long as the more high end models.

What’s more is that you are just putting your watch’s safety at risk because there’s a chance that they will fall down to the ground as they’re not securely strapped onto the bracelet.

However, there are also some bracelets that are very expensive but aren’t that of high quality. But nonetheless, most expensive watch bracelets are premium and deserve the price.

Just don’t make the price the main factor when choosing one. Instead, just use this as a means for you to weigh things out.


As a conclusion, you can clearly see that picking a watch bracelet is no easy task. But you can make the process much easier if you know the things you should consider.

It’s all about knowing the factors that makes up a good watch bracelet for you to choose the right one for you, based on your lifestyle, usage, purpose, and attitude.

Take our tips seriously, and you’ll see that you’re going to have a great time with your new watch with your new watch bracelet.

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