Why Casio MDV106 is so popular watch?

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Casio is a well known brand all over the world. It gained popularity for designing fairly good quality watches at reasonable prices many people can afford. One of these models is the Casio MDV106.

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The Casio MDV106 is considered by many watch gurus a replica of the Rolex Submariner. The watch is actually the same design, bezel, and most of the other components. Although many people might complain about this lack of innovation, others love the idea that they can wear a Rolex replica at this price.

Thinking of both the design and the price, we can now know why this watch is so popular among many people.

Casio MDV106 design

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The watch is nothing new in terms of design. It is a classical divers watch with a good quality that lasts for years. Divers watches are those watches you can take underwater. This model from Casio comes with waterproof features, so, you can dive with your watch around your wrist. In fact, this particular feature is one of the top advantage points for this watch.

When you look at the watch, you won’t find too many details. Perhaps, this is another reason why the Casio MDV106 watch is very preferable. The case includes circular and rectangular luminous markers where the 3, 6, and 9. The 12 marker has double rectangles and the brand name directly placed under the 12 o’clock position. Also, it has a date window at 3 o’clock position.

The watch comes in three colors; black, blue, and gold. This is the color of the bezel with a black case background for the black and gold models.


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Speaking of the bezel, it is a unidirectional bezel with 10 minutes of numbering. Further, the five minutes intervals are defined by a larger rectangular marker. This definition is perfect to know the exact timing when needed. The bezel is though a functional part of the watch, not just a design.

In low light conditions (diving for example), the wearer can see the luminous 12 o’clock position on the bezel. However, it would have been much better if other positions as 3, 6, and 9 were luminous for the same purpose.


Casio MDV106 looks nice on the wrist and not very bulky as well. Overall, Casio MDV106 wears small. This means it suits smaller wrists more. The watch case is contoured seamlessly to the wrist shape, so, it wraps perfectly around the wrist.

When we think of the size as a whole, the watch is a normal-sized one with a slim case. Hence, it is possible to wear the watch under a long-sleeved shirt or whatsoever. The slim design also adds to the elegance of the watch.


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Casio MDV106 comes with a basic black rubber strap. This is the most suitable one for divers watches. However, you can still change the strap and even get other fabrics. Since Casio is very popular, it is easy to find straps for most Casio models, Casio MDV106 is not an exception.

Adding a canvas strap to the watch (maybe a colored or a stripped one) may add a casual accent to the watch. On the same side, a rubber strap of bright color makes the watch look more divers watch than it is already. Thus, it is your choice.


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The crystal is mineral which is not the highest quality glass you might see. However, always bear in mind that we are talking about a low-end divers watch. Mineral crystals of this particular model of Casio are not actually the worst thing ever as they are scratch-resistant.

If you are looking for the highest qualities, think of Rolex crystals. They are made of sapphire. You can easily spot the difference in quality from only looking at both. But again. The watch we have here is not comparable to Rolex watches. So, mineral crystals with scratch-resistant features are just perfect.


Let’s discover more about the specifications of the watch. Starting with the case, it is the typical round 44mm diameter case coming at a thickness of 12mm. The material is stainless steel whereas the strap is rubber.

Since it is a divers watch, the whole thing is waterproof. You can also change the strap easily with other colored straps as the watch is of a basic design that goes with all colors. Note that the waterproof feature is applicable for 200 meters depth underwater.

If you believe that heavy watches are higher in quality, Casio MDV106 is considered a moderate watch. It weighs around 92 grams which is lightweight compared to its mother Rolex and at the same time, heavyweight compared to other brands at the same price and quality level.

Thus, the watch is just amazing considering the metal case. It is a sturdy watch suitable for everyday wearing as well.

The manufacturer claims that the accuracy of the watch is 20 seconds plus or minus per month. When comparing this average to other watches, we found that Casio MDV106 is just perfect in terms of accuracy. In fact, this average claimed by the manufacturer was never reported by any Casio MDV106 wearer. Most of them think the watch is more accurate than claimed. For your knowledge, this model has a quartz movement which is the main method most Casio models use.

Why is Casio MDV106 very popular?

After we have talked about nearly everything related to the watch, let’s go back to our first question. Now, we believe the answer is very obvious as most of the specifications and features of the watch make a more expensive watch. You will never get a divers watch with a metal case, anti-scratch glass, and high accuracy movement at a price of $50 or $60.

In fact, Casio MDV106 is one of the simplest watches we believe you can buy if you are looking within this price range. Best of all, you are still getting a known brand. So, being so popular is the least we can expect from this watch.

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