Should I put Oyster or Jubilee on Rolex Pepsi GMT?

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

People who aren’t into the watches market won’t find a great difference between Rolex models. Even more, they might only distinguish a Rolex watch from the logo or the brand name. However, those who care about the finest details know well that different Rolex models have different designs. They might know from first sight which model is this.

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The Pepsi GMT Rolex model is not a sporty watch. At the same time, it is not a purely classical model. It is actually something in-between. If we looked at the design, we will see that it is not an ultimately new design. The model was already there in GMT Master models.

The design basically combines the red and blue colors in a nice blend for the bezel in addition to a Jubilee bracelet. The watch itself looks modern and the underlying qualities are very high standard.

Rolex GMT model

When this series was launched at first in 1954, it came in an Oyster bracelet. After a few years, particularly in 1959, the watch was offered in Jubilee and Oyster bracelets. Customers have the option to choose between both types of bracelets. In fact, this was the first watch Rolex offered in both options.

The GMT series continued to be offered in Oyster and sometimes Jubilee bracelets for years. The company then decided to produce each model with a certain kind of bracelets. The choice at first was for Jubilee bracelets, then, it changed into Oyster ones. The Pepsi GMT model is offered with the Oyster bracelet.

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If you want to compare between Jubilee and Oyster bracelets, the comparison is debatable as both bracelets are good on their own. Even more, if you find a Pepsi GMT Rolex, lucky you! Take it immediately whatever bracelet it has.

However, if you have the option to choose, here is the difference between both

Oyster bracelets

Oyster bracelets are more versatile, sportier, and cooler. This is, to sum up, the features of this type of bracelet. If you want to dig deeper, take a closer look at how it is designed.

In 1948, the Oyster bracelet was first released. The bracelet included three-piece link metals where the center is broader and the outer two rows are slimmer.

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The Oyster bracelet is not fully brushed, it has polished links in the center only. This is the newly designed Oyster bracelets design. However, the old design was a bit different as the bracelet was nearly fully brushed.

Further, Oyster bracelets usually find better customers from the youth or those who love casual styles. Although as we said before, the Rolex GMT Pepsi is not a purely casual watch, the Oyster bracelet is more casual than its counterpart from Jubilee ones.

Jubilee bracelets

Moving to the other type; Jubilee bracelets which were first offered for the GMT models. The bracelet design features a five-piece metal link in the shape of the letter “X”.

Generally, Jubilee bracelets are more elegant. Their customers are businessmen and those people who want to be always dressed up. However, it won’t look bad with a smart casual look.

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Further, the bracelet makes a very comfortable watch to wear. It is also versatile as it goes with different looks. In fact, we believe that matching the watch with your clothes is a kind of personal taste.

The Jubilee bracelets were introduced in the 50s. They were perceived as sophisticated design and just like all Rolex models, a very high-quality and classy model. The advertisements at that time were all showing a pilot’s hand with the Rolex Jubilee bracelets around his wrist. So, the common theme for the bracelets was flying and it reflected the sophistication of flying.

Moving to the construction, Jubilee bracelets are a bit flimsier than Oyster ones. However, this was in the old days when Jubilee was first introduced as the idea of a 5-piece metal bracelet was still new. Today, Jubilee bracelets are far stronger and robust.

So, in terms of the construction, no need to worry because, in the end, you are getting a Rolex watch. So, you just need to focus on the aesthetics.

Which bracelet to choose for a Pepsi GMT?

Generally, the Pepsi GMT model is a sophisticated one. So, we believe the Jubilee bracelet will go very well with this Rolex model. Moreover, this is the bracelet with which the Rolex GMT was first designed. Thus, it gives the watch its unique design.

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At the price point, Jubilee is higher in price. So, it is not something you would go for to wear every day unless you don’t mind paying such a price for your everyday watch. However, it is a very good option for a full suit on a classic night.

From a convenience point of view, the Jubilee bracelet wins. It is softer and the links are smaller. However, being wear-resistant as older Jubilee bracelets is not confirmed. The bracelet is solid and robust but not like the Oyster ones of course.

If you wonder why Rolex is no longer producing any of its watches with both Oyster and Jubilee versions, here is what we believe is the answer. Rolex doesn’t want its relatively new Pepsi GMT models to look the same.

Currently, there are two models from the Pepsi GMT series. The steel GMT-Master and the white gold version. Both will look the same if they are both produced with interchangeable bracelets. So, to make a distinction, the White gold Pepsi is available with an Oyster bracelet only.  Actually, you will find this white gold version as a pre-owned one only. This is because it is now replaced with a dark blue bezel.


To sum up, choosing between a jubilee and an Oyster bracelet is a matter of preference. If you prefer elegant watches that look like a very precious bracelet, then, go for the Jubilee bracelet. This will give you the elegant look you want. However, if you want a more casual bracelet that is more robust and can withstand everyday use, then, go for the Oyster bracelet.

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