Top 10 Racing/Rally Watch Straps

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Rally watch straps are perforated bands characterized by their many perforations and holes of different sizes. Classic auto motorsports have played a big role in the rally watch straps we have today. Traditionally, car engineers would add perforations in some places in the vehicle like the steering wheel, seats, and gloves. This was done so, to reduce the weight of the car to the maximum. And with this kind of history, then you can see the relationship between the racing watch straps and vintage car racing.

Ever since the appearance of rally straps in the motorsports industry, different brands have come in, each offering a wide variety of racing brands. As a result, this can make it an overwhelming task for anyone who is planning to purchase a strap for his or her timepiece. Luckily, in this guide, we will review the best ten rally watch straps in the market.

10. Armogan Genuine Suede Rally Strap

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Inspired by the traditional racing car’s interiors, this watch strap is made of perforated leather. It features a signed buckle made with stainless steel. The contrast stitches on the sides give the product a sporty touch but still allow it to look elegant. Besides, this strap can fit perfectly Armogan watches, but it is also compatible with other rally watches with a 22mm band width.

9. Bandini Men’s Leather Racing Strap

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Bandini men’s leather rally watch strap is compatible with any racing watch with 18mm, 20mm, or 24mm spring bars. The strap is available in multiple colors including black, yellow, and so much more. Moreover, its stainless steel buckle comes in different colors such as gold-tone, black, and silver-tone. Thus, you can be able to choose a buckle that matches the hardware or case of your watch. In terms of perforations, then this racing watch strap features both large and small holes on each strap’s surface. Additionally, in a standard size, this band can fit wrists of 6.57 to 8.35 inches.

8. DASSARI Carrera Distressed Leather Strap

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With this racing watch strap, you can be able to change your watch’s band within seconds without any tools necessary. Thanks to the spring bars at the edges, you can slide the lever with your finger to attach or remove the strap. The strap is constructed using Italian leather, which according to the manufacturer, it is durable, flexible, and comfortable. Besides, the buckle is stainless steel and is only available in polished silver. The strap measures 20mm on the buckle end and 24mm on the lug side.  

7. Alpine Hand Made Rally Strap

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Made with genuine grain leather, the alpine handmade rally watch strap can fit wrists of 6 ¼ to 8 inches. It has a stainless steel buckle and spring bars, which allows the user to swap the bands with no tools required. Even though it is not of the superior quality, it is a good value for your money, flexible, and comfortable. The available sizes include 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm.

6. Barton Racing Leather Strap

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The Barton racing watch strap comes with three big holes on the surface of each strap, each circle with different diameters. Additionally, the strap is made with Dublin Horweeen leather, which is vegetable-tanned leather, hand-glazed with a waxy touch. This allows the strap to shine and adds rich texture to the materials.  The strap also comes in a wide selection of colors including crimson red, black, navy blue, and chocolate. Besides, the standard size of this strap fits wrists of 5 inches to 8 inches. The cost of this strap is about $45.

5. Alpine Genuine Leather Watch Strap

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This is an exceptional rally watch strap, thanks to its multiple small perforations on both straps. It can be a comfortable band alternative for the summer season. Moreover, this Alpine leather strap has a black steel buckle and comes with stainless spring bars and a removing tool to help with the process. The size of the watchband is 20mm x 20mm, while the size of the buckle is 22mm x 22mm. In terms of size, the Alpine leather watch strap can fit wrists that measure 5.5 to 7.5 inches.  

4. StrapsCo Retro Silicone Rubber

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All through this guide, we have been looking at rally straps made of leather. However, this StrapsCo Retro band, is constructed with premium silicone, which is durable, comfortable to wear, and waterproof.  Moreover, its buckle is stainless steel and only comes in brushed silver. The strap also features small and large holes on the surface to provide the user with maximum breathability.

3. Croco Yellow Watch Band Strap

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A 22mm rally watch made from classic Croco grain leather. The strap contains three large holes on each strap with different diameters. It is also a durable and comfortable product measuring 4mm thick and 120/75 for the length. The straps also come with interchangeable pins and a 100% stainless steel buckle.  

2. Barton Racing and Rally Horween Straps

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Made from Dublin Horween leather, this racing watch strap comes in multiple sizes and colors to suit your timepiece perfectly. The leather is of quality and has a premium touch added to it to give it a shiny look and add a rich texture to any watch. Besides, some of the available sizes include 24mm width and 22mm buckle, 22mm and 20mm buckle, 18mm and16mm buckle, and more. The straps have been integrated with a quick-release mechanism, which allows you to switch straps quickly.

1. StrapsCo Perforated Leather Racing Strap

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This replacement and the perforated strap is made with genuine leather, which is flexible, durable, and comfortable. The stainless-steel buckle comes in the customer’s color of choice, which can be matte black, rose gold, polished silver, or yellow gold. Additionally, the length of the straps is adjustable to fit any wrist size. Its thickness is 5mm to 3mm, 22mm on the buckle end, and 24mm on the lug end. Installing the strap to your timepiece is also fast and easy, thanks to the quick-release spring bars.


These are just some of the best racing watch straps in the market. There are still hundreds of others out there. So, if you are looking forward to purchasing one, then ensure that it is the right wrist size, comfortable, flexible, and durable.

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