Ressence Dive Watch: All You Need to Know

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Ressence watch Type 5 is the first mechanical watch that is perfectly readable underwater regardless of the angle you are viewing it on. That’s why Ressence Type 5 slogan is “UNLOCK the GENTLEMAN DIVER in you.”

It is a luxury watch that’s made specifically for underwater diving. The company even says that it unlocks the gentleman diver in you because of its seamless integration between water diving and classic formal wear.

Ressence: Redefining Watches

Ressence Type 2. Photo Credit:

Ressence markets its brand as an expression of time in a classic and elegant vibe due to its perfect underwater readability.

It features the Swiss brand’s patented technology called the ROCS 5, which includes all 142 of its components. This includes its dial which is immersed in 37.5 ml of Ressence’s proprietary oil. This is the technology behind the seemingly high-pixel smartwatch display of their Type lineup.

Using oil has proven as an ultimate advantage for their watch collection as this cancels out what is commonly known in physics as total internal reflection.

This is responsible for showing the depth and distance of an object in relation to the underlying surface.

In this case, it seemingly removes the distance gap and creates a visual illusion which brings the dials nearer to the surface, more likel it’s literally on the surface similar to how smartwatches look.

What usually happens when you wear a traditional diver’s watch underwater is that you need to view the watch’s time from a straight angle so you can read the time properely.

If not, then you’ll have a hard time reading the time because the refraction makes the glass look like a mirror and you just see a reflection of what’s around you.

You don’t have to worry about that with Ressence dive watches, though, because its internal surroundings are filled with oil.

This ensures that the time is completely legible and viewable at any angle you are viewing it in. This is the first time a watch features this capability, most specifically for mechanical watches.

Superior Performance and Lightness

Ressence Type 1 Slime Red Model. Photo Credit:

Instead of protecting the Ressence against the strong water pressure in deep depths using large and heavy cases and thick glasses which are downright oversized, the company instead using oil technology to ensure that water pressure won’t negatively impact the performance of their watches.

Since hydraulic laws are stating that liquid can’t be compressed, oil will instead compensation for the underwater pressure, thus protecting its internal mechanism against technical issues.

The benefits of Ressence watches mostly stem from its ultra-lightweight titanium construction. This is one of the biggest reasons why this watch is ideal for divers due to its compact feature and lightweight nature. It doesn’t put a strain on one’s hands.

Furthermore, there are more advantages that are directly connected to oil technology. One good example is that the components are always lubricated because they are constantly suspended in liquid oil.

This makes the whole system lighter, which then means less power to move the dials. What this means is that you get a more accurate time-keeping device that ensures all processes are maintained in the highest way possible.

Class and Elegance At Its Finest

Ressence TYPE 1² Squared model. Photo Credit:

The innovative and outstanding capabilities of Ressence dive watches do not compromise the advantages you can get from traditional mechanical watches.

Take for example the watch’s ability to withstand extreme conditions without sacrificing the modern and refines characteristics of the latest trendy watches.

Its integrated uni-directional bezel is proof that this creates a streamlined look that maintains the formal vibe that luxury watches should have.

A Watch Without a Crown

One of the most important features of Ressence dive watches is that it doesn’t have a crown for adjustments and controls.

Instead, it has its own back case that can be used both for setting and adjusting the time, as well as for winding the accurate measurement of the watch. This makes it unique and ergonomic at the same time.

But in order to ensure a safeguarded water resistance feature, Ressence has developed a new back case that is specifically developed for their new dive watch collection lineup.

This is dubbed as the Ressence Compression Lock System, which is also known as the RCLS. This is a system that compresses and locks the gaskets using two position, which they call as the lock and set.

Natural Inspiration of Ressence

Ressence dive watches all have an organic design that speaks of utmost elegance but classic minimalism and simplicity at the same time. This happens because Ressence takes inspiration from nature.

Just like how evolution has given way for sea turtles to have an aqua dynamic shape that makes it easy for them to propel easily through various depths in water, Ressence’s dive watch collection also is made with utmost aerodynamics in mind.

What’s more is that this conforms to your wrist and guarantees excellent hydrodnamic properties.

What is Ressence watch made of?

Ressence Type 1 Components. Photo Credits: Ressence Watches

Ressence dive watches are designed to be worn comfortably daily, whether it be in and out of the water.

This means that this is a very versatile watch because it fits well on any environment or situation you are in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the outdoors or if you’re in a formal office event. This is made possible thanks to its unique style. But what’s more is that this is made from pure grade-5 titanium, making this very sturdy, durable, and made of the highest quality possible.

It is also very lightweight thanks to its premium titanium material, making this weigh just a very light 87 grams. This leads to a very ergonomic and comfortable feel when wearing this, compared to wearing other traditional watches for diving.

Digging Deeper Into Ressence Watches

Ressence features the ROCS 5 proprietary technology that is driven by a minute axle. This is made from a customized self-winding mechanisms that sports a 2824/2 base caliber. This ensure utmost accuracy and reliability when it comes to time tracking.

Furthermore, the ROCS or Ressence Orbital Convex System is a revolutionary horological complication module that is made from 142 parts that includes the sub disc and main discs. This also results in a 3-dimensional dial that is in perpetual motion.

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