What Caliber Does Ressence Watches Use

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Ressence is on a league of its own when it comes to creating unique and innovative luxury timepieces.

It shows that watch making still has a lot of room for further growth, and it does this in a very smooth and creative way, not only for aesthetics, but for utmost practicality and functionality.

The watches manufactured by Ressence are all built around an innovative orbital display that is very unique. They call this as ROCS, which is an acronym for Ressence Orbital Convex System.

It is a mechanism which allows to create a regulator-style display that shows the hours, seconds, and days, inside their own respective subdials connected to a satellite connection.

The minutes also take up the display’s central parts and emanates its accuracy from the center. As the minutes hand moves, the other display also rotate with it, creating an easy time-reading carousel.

Knowing the Caliber Behind Ressence Watches

Ressence Type 1 exploded into components. Photo Credit: Ressencewatches.com

Ressence watches have an ETA 2892/a caliber that is patented from their ROCS-1, which is short for Ressence Orbital Convex System.

This is driven by the axle minute that features functions for its hours, seconds, minutes, and even the day of the week.

It has a power reserve of 36 hours and an automatic winding fun ction. It also has a 28,800 VPH and 40 jewels. The caseback winding and its setting can also be accessed via a lever.

A Different Kind of Luxury

Ressence Type 1 V Genesis. Photo Credit: Professionalwatches.com

The Swiss watchmaker revamped the design of its first watch variant, the Type 1, in 2019. They gabe it a thinner oviod shape which measures 11 mm.

This makes it 2 mm thinner. It is also accentuated with an aesthetic concave area surround its lugs. Furthermore, their watch is now better integrated as its lugs and case are now milled from a block of premium grade-5 titanium, making this one very durable watch.

What’s more is that the Type 1 Ressence watch doesn’t just come in black, but in a variety of colors now. There are now silver, blue, and white color variations on its dials. There’s even an olive green dial that serves as the 10th anniversary watch of Ressence.

However, there is also already another red-dialed version of Ressence which will only be produced this year, 2021. Although this isn’t a limited edition, the watch won’t be produced next year, or any year aside from 2021.

Luxury and Unique Goes Well

Another nice thing about Ressence watches is that it doesn’t place much importance on vibrant dials.

Instead, what they did was create a traditional range of dial movements that is seamlessly intergrated with the new trend these days smart watches. But Ressence watches aren’t smartwatches.

Instead, they just look like one because of the refractive property the oil inside the watch has. It’s the visual illusion that sells these timepieces, and that’s what makes Ressence truly unique and innovative.

Vibrancy At Its Finest

Ressence Type 1 V Genesis. Photo Credit: Professionalwatches.com

Ressence is a Swiss brand that creates the best quality watches known to man, with a bit of more spice.

The dials are monochromatic. But even if that is the case, there is still no compromise when it comes to legibility.

It is very clear even if you look at the watch’s time in different angles. This makes it a very useful feature for underwater divers because they can check the time whichever angle or position they are in (check Ressence Type 5).

It features a pale gray minute markers with white hands that stand out in contrast to the red color depth of the surrounding background. This ensures easy time reading even if you’re under the deep depths of the water.

Furthermore, the hour and minutes hands are framed with rhodium edging, making this even more luxurious, but at the same time, functional at all costs.

The framing also improves the main hands that tell the time on its interface. The markings of the dials are also brought up in red and white Super LumiNova display. This ensures a very legible and bright time reading experience even in low light conditions.

Elegant Timepiece In Your Fingertips

Ressence Type 3 in white dial. Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Ressence shows the pinnacle of timepiece making as they have built an innovative and seamless approach to creating a watch that looks like a smartwatch.

However, this shouldn’t be treated as a mere visual illusion as its smart-watch-ish looks has a purpose and that’s what makes this a truly innovative piece. It’s very easy to read and use wherever or whenever you may be, whether you’re underwater.

You can easily see how good of a watch Ressence is especially when you know the inner mechanisms that make it work, as well as how the system seamlessly integrates with the aesthetic trend that makes it tick.

It’s all about creativity and using innovation to propel further development and improvement. In this case, in timepiece manufacturing. It’s downright fun and is also very useful in outdoor situations, and most importantly in classy and elegant events where luxury has become a norm.

What makes Ressence watches stand out is that it is not like your ordinary watch that has a mechanical system in place and looks like just any watch you’ll find in the market.

Instead, what it does is that it makes the watch look like a smartwatch because the hands and dials look like its on the screen and can easily be accessed by touch.

Well, it does not, but instead, it does have an oil which has a refractive rating that makes the dials on the base look like it’s near the screen. This creates a visual illusion that adds more spice to this vibrant titanium-made luxury watch.


With all this being said, there is no doubt that Ressence will continue to innovate the watch industry, especially that it has already started something new that has never been unheard of before.

Only time will tell when Ressence will enter the mainstream. But that’s highly unlikely though, as this elegant watch is reserved for the luxurious elites due to its superior elegance and class.

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