Rolex: What You should Know About the King of Watches

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Rolex Foundation Story

Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch brand that was found by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis at the time they invented the world’s first waterproof wristwatch. The company was initially known as ‘Wilsdorf and Davis’ and was constituted in the year 1905.

Rolex Founders: Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis.
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In 1908, the company registered the brand name as ‘Rolex’. Among their slogans is ‘A Crown for Every Achievement’. The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

State of the art Rolex factory in beautiful Switzerland.
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Rolex logo over the years

The Crown depicts your way of thinking about your place in this world and how you aspire to contribute to it. The brand calls it a perpetual spirit. The logo is based on a fundamental belief on unlimited human potential, improvement and to always push boundaries.

Rolex Crown for every achievement
Rolex logo evolution over the years
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Production of The Most Elegant and Extravagant Watches

Rolex timepieces are all unique and suave, fit for any style. The brand offers an array of elegant watches that epitomize prestige. The Swiss brand has manufactured watches with features like multiple time-zone keeping, waterproof, date feature on dials, and the best waterproof watch case, ‘The Oyster Case’.

Best Waterproof Rolex Oyster Case. Courtesy:

Every watch manufactured by Rolex is rare and has an essence of success, power, and adventure. The watches are versatile and come in varied sizes, built with metals like gold, stainless steel, white gold, diamonds, and two-tone. According to COSC statistics, the brand manufactures around 700,000 timepieces each year.

Technology Innovations for Wrist Watches

In 1926, the brand created the first waterproof wristwatch, Oyster. Today, The watches are still being produced under that Oyster collection.

In the year 1931, the introduction of the self-winding with a freely rotating rotor was the first in the game for wristwatches. (Oyster Perpetual)

In 1945, they manufactured the first watch to have an automatic date on the dial (DateJust)

In the year 1953, the Submariner was born with the technology for waterproof at 100 meters deep in the ocean.

In 1954, the brand manufactured the first watch that displayed two time-zones (GMT-Master)

In the year 1956, the Day-Date timepiece was invented which displayed date and date on the dial

In 2012, the first timepiece that had a command bezel was created by the brand

Most Expensive Watches

The Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona timepiece, manufactured in the year 1968, was sold in an auction for a price of $17,752,500. It is the most expensive watch ever to be sold at an auction

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona: The world’s most expensive timpiece ever sold.
Courtesy: Hodinkee

The Rolex Daytona ‘Unicorn’ ref 6365 was sold in 2018, at an auction, for a price of $5.937 million. It is the second-most expensive watch from this Swiss brand sold at an auction.

Stunning Rolex ‘Unicorn’ ref 6265 White Gold
Courtesy: Philips

GMT Ice Reference 116769TBR is the most expensive watch to be ever manufactured by the Swiss brand. It has a retail price of $485,350

GMT Ice Reference 116769TBR, hip hop stars are drooling over?

Awards and Recognitions

Rolex was the first brand to received the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision for its wristwatch

In the year 2018, they ranked on the 71st position as the most valuable brand, by Forbes

 In 1968, they were awarded 1,000,000  Official Timing Certificates for wrist-chronometers

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