A Complete Guide to Rolex Pepsi GMT

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

One of the most fascinating creations, the Rolex Pepsi GMT is designed to showcase the time of two different regions at the same time. Its beauty is truly irresistible and its dual functionality makes it worth it for use of pilots, travelers, and explorers. In this article, we will discuss this product with you, some of the questions asked by people around the world but first, we will take a look at the brand history! Let’s get started!

Brand History

Rolex was founded in 1905 in the city of London by Hans Wilsdorf, aged 24, who later retired in 1919. Hans had always wanted to wear wristwatches that were not only professional and sophisticated to look at but were able to tell him the time and date accurately and precisely.

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Hans had contacted a Swiss watchmaking company for guidance on his watchmaking and with their help, he was able to create a range of marvelous watch pieces ever since. Rolex had shifted to Geneva a year after Hans retired. Throughout the years till now, Rolex has never compromised on the quality and design of their models making each more beautiful than the other.

Rolex watches range from $3000 to millions more.

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You might be wondering what makes Rolex so expensive. Well, their designers are professionals and equipped with precise equipment to make sure the design is perfect. Designing itself contributes to half of the cost and the materials used are of fine quality as well. You will never find a defect in any of these watches as they are tested and tried a thousand times. Another specialty for Rolex watches is that they are not battery-operated. Yes, the pulse in your body gives it momentum to keep the watch and the main swing provides the necessary forces to keep it working so you can use this piece for hundreds of years! That being said, you will often see your watch has stopped moving its hands if you’ve not worn it for a day or two.

The most experience watch Rolex has to offer is the 1971 Rolex Daytona Reference 626 Unicorn which is worth a whopping $5.9 million! This piece is made of 18 karats of white gold.

Rolex Pepsi GMT

Now that you know about Rolex, let’s see what this model of Rolex Pepsi GMT has to offer.

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The first model to be introduces was a red and black bezel piece and was known as coke. The manufacturers later developed it by giving an extra blue shade on the bezel which then was changed to the name Pepsi. The structure of this watch is fairly similar to its ancestor, the Rolex GMT Master.

You might now be wondering why did Rolex, such a posh brand has to choose bright red and blue colors that resemble the temperature dial of an old car. Well, maybe they just wanted to try some new colors and be a little more trendy. The main reason for this is to represent the day and night of the different time zones. Pan American Airways first associated with the manufacturers regarding this issue and looks like Rolex considered their request. The airways then started having many flights to different time zones and guess what? The watch with two time zones, that is the Rolex Pepsi GMT, rose to popularity. Smart move by Rolex if we think about it!

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When it comes to material, Rolex uses the very best of these. In 2007, they had the idea of using ceramic as the bezel to give a temperature resistance and of course, strength. Their idea didn’t go pretty well as it was difficult to produce that bright red color with chemicals in large amounts. They did make blue and black ceramic pieces and named it ‘batman’ however, this time the watch was made of white gold. That being said, the price was above $40K which was way too out of the budget for Rolex sporty watch lovers. It took Rolex about 10 years to respond to their fans as in 2018, they were back to manufactured steel-made Rolex Pepsi GMTs. Wasn’t their loss though; the steel was much cheaper and definitely popular!

In terms of clasps and wrist design, the Rolex Pepsi GMT has a jubilee version and a normal oyster clasp one. The jubilee is definitely a delight to the eye for its great detail and the small hoops just look so tidy and neat. Since this watch has a sporty vibe to it, the clasps it has folds along the safety bar. You can add 5mm to your wrist length if that will make you comfortable by using the link. If you think this would affect the wristwatch design that is the jubilee, you can relax as it won’t!

Do note one thing, the jubilee belts are going out of production so if you find one, that may be the last piece!

Like all other models, the majestic winding crown sits on the side of the dial. You will have to pull it out and twist it to adjust the time zones and the various settings follow by you pulling it further from the body.

The dual dial has one 24 hour palate and the other one is 12 hours. You can adjust the hands accordingly by using the winding cylinder and change the time. The main thing you need to remember is that after everything you do, be sure to push it back, or else you’re gonna allow dirt and water to get in. It is water-resistant as long as the dial pathways are shut.


In short, the Rolex Pepsi GMT is great for people who like to stay classy even while traveling. Of course, you don’t need a dual time zone watch as everything’s on the internet these days. Still, the classy yet trendy look it grants you is just amazing. After all, it’s great having a Rolex rolling freely and smoothly around your wrist, isn’t it?

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