Is there Rolex Pepsi GMT Pepsi with diamonds?

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Nothing is as distinctive as a Rolex Pepsi GMT. While you may not wear a custom-made suit every day, and your beautiful automobile is usually hidden away, you can flaunt your Rolex Pepsi GMT practically any place. Rolex Pepsi GMT is the most recognizable name among premium timepieces. Although it is only an accessory, those with refined tastes will take note. You are committed to the highest quality, absolute precision, and stylish design and have the financial wherewithal to achieve them. Fashion trends fluctuate annually, and tastes evolve. Your luxury timepiece from five or ten years ago may lack the allure it once possessed.

Rolex Pepsi GMT is a master of jewel setting, whether for diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

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The firm employs its gemologists and gem setters to embellish its clocks with the most stunning jewels. Gemmologists are in charge of inspecting and choosing the gems received, retaining only those that match Rolex Pepsi GMT’s exceedingly strict quality specifications. The stones are then placed and fixed by gem-setters responsible for bringing out the most in each stone’s beauty, color, and shine.

These watches have diamond-paved dials, which provide an eye-catching visual effect and fascinate the wearer. They’re a visual treat.

Gem-setters delicately cut the precious metal by hand to create the precise seat for each diamond. Apart from the inherent beauty of the stones, several parameters add value to the beauty of Rolex Pepsi GMT gem settings: the accurate alignment of the gems’ height, orientation, and position, the regularity, strength, and ratios of the setting, as well as the intricate wrapping up of the metalwork.

If the dial is the watch’s face, the appliques are the details that give it depth.

These timepieces have expressive features with the Rolex Pepsi GMT crown at noon and dials with Arabic or Roman numerals, and glittering precious stones put into settings. Always in 18 ct yellow, white, or pink gold, and occasionally filled with luminous material or painted to match the dial discreetly, the appliques belong to an astonishing universe of variety. There are almost a thousand distinct varieties.

The Ice-Cold Pepsi, a Customized Rolex Pepsi GMT GMT-Master II Set With 20 Carats of Diamonds

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As demand for one-of-a-kind clocks continues to soar, watchmakers and jewelers alike are having a good time updating popular models.

To illustrate, London-based jeweler 777 has launched a bespoke Rolex Pepsi GMT GMT-Master II set featuring 20 carats of splendid cluster diamonds. These include the 40mm case and the model’s Oyster bracelet, which consists of the clasp. The watch, aptly dubbed “Ice Cold Pepsi,” is distinguished by its tangerine and blueish-green swanky stone bezel in place of the standard ceramic. Additionally, jewels have been substituted for each hour indicator at 3 o’clock, when the characteristic Rolex Pepsi GMT date display is featured.

Additionally, the customizer branded the dial, although these adjustments affected the watch’s rigorous specs. It is still a GMT, driven by the revolutionary caliber 3285 movements developed by the company. It implies you can quickly change both the Twelve and 24-hour hands using the crown, enabling you to get the time irrespective of where you are or choose to be.

Rolex Pepsi GMT GMT-Master II

Pepsi Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet 40MM Watch 116758SARU

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The ultimate celebration timepiece is the Rolex Pepsi GMT GMT-Master II 116758SARU, wholly covered with diamonds from the bezel to the bracelet. With a 40mm yellow gold case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the 116758SARU has a monobloc central case, a screw-down back case, and a windable crown. It boasts a gem-set bezel with 23 diamonds, 18 rubies, and 18 sapphires placed in the iconic Rolex Pepsi GMT Pepsi pattern, as well as 76 stunning diamonds on the lugs. In addition to the date window, the dial features gold Mercedes markers and a GMT hand in addition to black hour markings and an inset date window. The 116758SARU is driven by a self-winding 3186 caliber with date features, a second 24-hour hand, and a 50-hour power reserve. The bracelet features a diamond-encrusted central link and a fold-over clasp and is coupled with the case. It has a 100-meter water resistance rating (330 feet).


The Rolex Pepsi GMT Pearlmaster is a magnificent timepiece that deserves to be on show, adorned as it is with exquisite diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. As for the watch itself, it’s constructed of 18-carat white, yellow, or Everose gold and has a case size up to 39mm, and is adorned with exquisite jewels selected by Rolex Pepsi GMT’s gemology laboratory. The Datejust has the classic instantaneous date function and a Swiss-certified, self-winding 3235 caliber movement. Because of its improved appearance and more significant case, your Rolex Pepsi GMT Pearlmaster is an incredibly costly timepiece that’s sure to get admiring glances.

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One of Rolex Pepsi GMT’s most well-known women’s jewelry watches is the Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster, distinguished by its smooth, delicate forms and great use of precious materials. Every model in the Pearlmaster line is encrusted with sapphires, diamonds, rubies, or a mix of those gemstones.

Originally introduced back in 1992, the Pearlmaster collection is essentially a bejewelled re-imagining of the Rolex Pepsi GMT Lady-Datejust line and enjoys popularity among women seeking jewellery watches with Rolex Pepsi GMT level quality and status. In this post, we take a closer look at the collection and the way it has expanded since its inception.

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Innovations In The Rolex Pepsi Gmt Pearlmaster

The Pearlmaster model line has grown significantly since the debut of the first model in the series. Today, purchasers have a plethora of various Pearlmaster watches and styles to choose from, with case sizes ranging from 29mm to 34mm and even 39mm, appealing to both classic ladies’ watch shoppers and enthusiasts of the new trend for more oversized timepieces.

Models of Pearlmaster watches are now offered in 18k yellow, white, or Everose gold, with various diamond and gem configurations to choose from. Solitary diamonds on the bezels, complete diamond bezels, and even gemstones on the dials and bracelets are available.

All Pearlmaster watches include the classic Oyster casing, which is guaranteed to be water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). The most current versions are equipped with the in-house caliber 3235 mechanism, which features exceptional accuracy, anti-magnetic properties, and a 70-hour battery reserve.

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