Top 10 Seiko Mod Bezels

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Seiko dive watches are preferred by watch lovers for their sturdy looks and pragmatic and affordable price. Seiko watches have gained a reputation with respect in the dive watch industry. And if you are owning one, then chances are you love to flaunt that sturdy Seiko on every occasion.

Sometimes you might also be wondering if you can modify the Seiko look for every occasion. If you are one of those who loved to mod, then Seiko provides you with modable dive watches that you can modify as per your need.

Seiko Mod-Compatible Watches

The SKX Seiko series along with its many variants like the SRPD/5KX sports Seiko are the most compatible mod watches. Seiko series of SNZF urzin and SRP turtle can be modified for certain features like the dial, crown position, or movements.

However, it is best left to the mod experts to bring about the necessary modifications in your Seiko watch.

Top 10 Seiko Mod Bezels

The first thing that comes to mind while modifying a Seiko is its bezel. You can try different Seiko mod bezels on the modable Seiko watch.

The Seiko SKX series and the SRPD series both offer a mod-compatible bezel. But keep in mind that the bezel is complimentary to its bezel insert. You need to modify both while attempting a bezel modification on Seiko.

Now let’s discuss the top 10 Seiko Mod Bezels that you can experiment with.

10. Submariner Style Seiko Mod Bezel

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Submariner bezels for the SKX series come under the classy upgrade. These stainless steel bezels with ceramic bezel inserts come in many subcategories according to the color. One can go for black/gold, black/white, blue/white, blue/gold, and white/black. The first color in the list is the bezel color and the second color represents the engraving or labels on the bezel.

The bezels are round and have a twist grip to provide an easy yet affordable upgrade to your Seiko mod watch.

9. Planet-Ocean Style Seiko Mod Bezel

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This flat aluminum bezel can be used to modify the SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX171, SKX173, SKX175, and the entire collection of the SRPD Seiko models. These aluminum bezels look clean and sorted. The engravings on them are fine and sleek. These come in three sub-styles, i.e., orange, blue, and black.

The design mimics the Omega Planet Ocean. The flat bezel can fit well with the Hardlex crystals and also sapphire crystals.

8. Bumblebee Seiko Mod Bezels

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This two-toned bumblebee bezel is loved for its contrasting color choice. The design is based on the classic OEM style. The Bezel is compatible with the SRPD collection and the SKX series.

7. Pepsi and Coke Seiko Mod Bezels

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If you love colors and have an artistic inclination, then the various Pepsi bezel is something worth trying. The perfect color gradient on the bezel will surely reflect your inner artist.

These are made out of ceramic and are sloped bezels that will fit with the domed sapphire crystal. These are compatible with the entire SRPD collection and the SKX series. Pepsi bezels come in GMP, SMT, and dual-time styles.

The Coke bezel also gives a similar color gradient look. The coke version also features dual time to easily keep track of one more time zone.

6. Dual Time Bezels

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Dual time bezels, as the name suggests, display time in two zones. These bezels are ideal for travelers who can set two time zones on their favorite dive watch. The dual time bezels come in various designs and styles. Apart from the coke bezels mentioned above, other styles offering dual time zone bezes include steel bezel inserts in black, gold, rose gold, silver, etc.

Steel bezel insets come with an adhesive ring and these are ideal for domed sapphire crystal due to the sloped bezel insert.

5. Vintage Seiko Bezels

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The vintage class bezels look traditional and elegant. With a clean finish, the engravings are eye-catching and neat. These bezels are available in Black/White and Black/Gold sub-categories. These are ideal for the SKX series and also compatible with the SRPD series. These are sloped and therefore the use of domed sapphire crystals is recommended.

4. Batman Seiko Mod Bezels

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Just like a bat, your Batman bezels offer visibility during the night as well. The stud-looking bezels are ideal for travelers or maybe night travelers.

These are sloped, and dual time zone enabled. These bezels are compatible with the entire SKX and SRPD series. The bezel should be paired with a domed sapphire crystal.

3. GMT Seiko Mod Bezels

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If you want the time to be in GMT format then these bezels are ideal for you. The GMT bezels are available in various styles. Pepsi, Coke, Dual tones, and even batman offer the GMT time format. All of these are compatible with the SKX and SRPD Seiko dive watch series.

2. Flat Seiko Mod Bezels

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Flat bezels are the preferred choice by many Seiko lovers who want to mod their Seiko watches. These bezels can be paired up with any crystal, be they stock hardlex or domed sapphire. These bezels complement the SKX and SRPD Seiko watch series. Flat bezels come in vintage, Seamaster, PO styles, etc.

1. Seamaster Seiko Mod Bezels

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These are based on SMP style. The Seamaster Seiko mod bezels are compatible with the SKX series and the SRPD collection. These come in both flat and sloped appearances. The sloped bezels are recommended to be used for the domed sapphire crystals. Both the domed sapphire and the hardlex crystals can go well with a flat bezel style.

Seiko dive watches are loved by the divers and admired by watch collectors. The affordable pricing of Seiko watches as compared to other dive watches is what makes it popular among watch collectors.

But one need not stick to the same style always. Just give a modified look to your Seiko and go with the trend. The SKX and SRPD series are the most moddable watches from Seiko. Many parts can be modified in a basic Seiko dive model. Bezels are generally the ones that people tend to mod for a fresh and new Seiko look. Try out the best bezel that will go with your taste.

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