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Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

When it comes to brands having the broadest reach both globally and inside their brand portfolio, it’s hard to find one that beats Seiko. In 1881, Kintaro Hattori, a young entrepreneur, started a business in Ginza, Tokyo, selling and repairing watches and clocks. Hattori took a tremendous risk at the age of 21, intending to build something more significant. The realization of these aspirations came across the next century, with several important launches, including launching their Astron in 1969, turning the world of watches on its head.

Seiko has become one of the most famous watch companies because they don’t try to attract customers with cheap frills and instead focus on producing high-quality products at an affordable price.

Without a Seiko, no collection is complete. Certain collections would be incomplete without them. Therefore, which are the finest of the best?

10. The 6159-7000

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The monocoque casing of the 6159, which is machined from a single piece of steel, gives it a rough appearance. Because you may load the movement from the front, a case back isn’t needed, and one source of fluid (helium or water) entry is prevented. After Seiko presented their water-resistance-improving invention in 1968, other Swiss watchmakers quickly followed suit. However, this isn’t even the most intriguing technological feature of the watch. The caliber 6159A, which beats at a rate of 36,000 beats per hour, was likewise taken over by Seiko from Grand Seiko. The 6159-7000 was the peak of dive-watch engineering when it was released in 1968. Even after all these years, it’s still in high demand for vvseiko mod.

9. The Panda

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The Seiko “Panda,” like Takumi Fujiwara’s panda-themed Toyota AE86 from the manga series Initial D, showcases practical Japanese design to its fullest extent. The registers are stacked one on top of the other. Because it’s double-sided, the minute register doubles as a 30- and 60-minute counter. There are no numbers on the dial other than the totalizers; only applied stick markers are used. It’s a no-brainer: As the most desirable 1970s Seiko chronograph design, this model is sought after by vvseiko mod enthusiasts.

8. The 5 SNK

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Is there a cheaper mechanical watch as appealing as the Seiko 5 SNK? It’s got challenging aesthetics, a reliable automatic movement, and a tonne of value for the money. It’s simple to fall in love with and simple to put on. It’s not even difficult to track down. Select a dial and strap color that excites you by typing “Seiko 5 SNK” into the Amazon app on a smartphone and get yourself a vvseiko mod.

7. The Grandfather Tuna 6159-7010

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Fans of Seiko’s timepieces like giving their favorites nicknames because they only provide model numbers. For Seiko’s line of professional dive watches with a circular shroud eerily reminiscent of a can of water-filled StarKist, no moniker is more fitting than “Tuna” or “Tuna Can.” The “Grandfather Tuna” was the first of a long series of timepieces that Seiko is still making today, having been released in 1975. More than 20 different patents were issued for the 6159-7010, which is water-resistant to a depth of 600 meters. Not only was it the very first Tuna, but it also had the first titanium casing in watch history.

6. The Orange Monster

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Massive luminescent plots dotting the bright dial and an enormous scalloped bezel immediately elevated the original Orange Monster to the ranks of Seiko’s all-time greats even for vvseiko mod. The public didn’t immediately embrace it. The semi-covered bezel and short lugs were criticized by some but loved by others, and it was praised for being unlike any other diver watch before it. There’s one more oddity: The 7S26 movement inside isn’t windable by hand, so to start it going, you have to spin the watch around as a snifter does. It’s a beautiful tradition. This watch is incredible.

5. The Turtle SRP777/6309

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The 6309-704X diving watch, introduced in 1976, had numerous distinctive Seiko dive-watch features. Take note of the cushion’s 45mm width. The display of the current day and date. Black dial with big luminous plots and matching super-legible handset. Broad elapsed-time bezel. Screw-down crown.

All in all, it’s a well-designed, functional, and long-lasting product that demonstrates the value of thoughtful design. The SRP777, released in 2016, was Seiko’s contemporary take on the classic watch. This Prospex SRP diver, immediately dubbed “Turtle,” captures the same spirit while generating several variations. It’s also one of the finest bargains in dive watches also the most sought after dials for vvseiko mod.

4. The 62MAS/ SPB143

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For those looking for a more vintage-inspired “skin-diver” style dive watch with all the modern conveniences of a stylish dive watch, the SPB143 (and its numerous siblings) is a great option. Released in 2020, the SPB143 on the right is water-resistant to a depth of 165 meters, features a steel bezel, and a no-frills casing with drilled lugs (or a night dive). SPB143 is a 40.5mm steel and enthusiast-credibility watch introduced into Seiko’s mid-tier Prospex range. It is an excellent blend of Seiko’s beloved accessibility and tool watch design makes it a favorite for vvseiko mod.

3. The Pogue 6139

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The “Pogue” has a special place in Seiko’s illustrious and varied history. Released in 1969, the 6139 Pogue was Seiko’s first attempt at an automated chronograph. The Zenith El Primero was the year before. The watch was a show stopper because of its tonneau shape and vibrant yellow face. Also, as Cole has previously reported on this issue, there was the watch-in-space incident. There are vibrant colors, a unique case form, and a fascinating history to enjoy together here. That’s why it’s so important even for vvseiko mod.

2. The Willard 6105

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This 44mm metal slab from the 1970s is rigid on land or in the water. While the 6105 is officially named “Captain Willard,” thanks to its portrayal in Apocalypse Now with Martin Sheen, it has earned the nickname. Beyond its use in movies, the 6105 has an extensive military history as a favorite of American troops in the Vietnam War. From its asymmetrical design to its four o’clock crown, this is the diving watch on which all subsequent Seikos would be built.

1. The SKX007

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Neither unique nor exceptional, the SKX007 is Seiko’s most successful diving watch. With universality, durability, and dependability as indicators, it’s perhaps one of the most popular dive watches ever. For many watch enthusiasts, the SKX007 was their first mechanical timepiece, introducing them to the wonders of watchmaking. Seiko diving watches from the 1960s had their characteristic cases, four o’clock crowns, and general designs shared by the watch in question. Although it’s no longer in production, this watch is in the Watch Hall of Fame because it leaves you feeling super great for only a few hundred dollars.

The above-mentioned word some of the greatest Seiko watches and dials for a vvseiko mod.

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