Top 10 Seiko Modded Watches

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Watch modding is a popular trend among enthusiastic watch collectors. Self-expression is a big part of this hobby, and some people go all out to make their watches one-of-a-kind. They can be customized to include anything from a new strap to switching up the dial.

With that being said, Seiko mod watches have gained popularity a lot, such that even those who are not modding specialists are turning to the trend. If you’re among those who cherish these beautiful watch mods but don’t know how to, you can simply purchase an already modded brand.

What’s the Best Base Watch to Create Seiko Mod Brands

While it’s possible to mod most watches, a favorite choice for a base watch when creating a mod is Seiko SKX or the Seiko 5 family. What makes them a perfect choice for creating Seiko mod brands is the fact that they’re reasonably affordable to harbor catastrophic mistakes. They also have a robust construction quality that makes them a perfect canvas for creativity.

that means that the range of Seiko mod brands out there is nearly unlimited, with various elements of the watches changed to create the desired appeal. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the top ten Seiko mod brands that catch most enthusiasts’ attention.

Top ten Seiko modded versions

As we’ve seen, these Seiko modded versions are made from the popular Seiko 5 and SKX family of watches. They feature slight modifications of the dials, straps, bezels, and crystals to create authentic and awe-inspiring watch brands.

10. Orange Nemo

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This Orange Nemo is a Seiko mod anyone wouldn’t dare ignore as you stroll on the streets. The dial is very conspicuous, featuring an orange marine master professional 300 design. The chapter ring has a black steel finish with an orange pointer for every hour indicator.

The bezel insert is made of ceramic stealth to highlight the robustness. You’ll get a snug fit from the solid curve-end rubber strap. This watch is one of a kind and can match well with a wide range of attires, whether going out for business or casual events.

9. Tiffany

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If you’re excited by the vibrant and exquisite Seiko mod watches, you’ll love the Tiffany mod, which is a customization of the SKX007 Divers’ watch. The dial features a luminous Tiffany Cerakote to create an elegant attraction.

The watch comes with a graphite black ceramic coating finish which features a sapphire double dome-shaped crystal with a blue AR. The bezel is also made of ceramic with a Tiffany color. The result is a magnificent Seiko mod watch that attracts attention from afar.

8. GMT-Master 1675 Pepsi

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Would you like to have the experience of a fully functional Seiko GMT quartz watch? The GM-Master 1675 Pepsi is an elegant 24-hour quartz Seiko mod drawing inspiration from Rolex. The watch is modded from Seiko SKX031 and features a stainless-steel finish with a Rolex homage classic vintage dial.

The watch has a Harldlex crystal and oyster strap, making it one of a kind Seiko mod. The hands are Mercedes styled with patina and have 7S26 automatic movement. If you’re enthralled by the glamour of Rolex, but can’t beat the price, simply grab this GMT-Master 1675 Pepsi.

7. The Dirty Bumble Bee

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Ever wanted the bumblebee theme on your wristwatch? How about grabbing this Dirty Bumble Bee Seiko mod watch! This watch features a battle-worn finish with a graphite black and yellow Cerakote. It draws inspiration from the black shiny dial of Rolex, offering a sapphire double dome-shaped crystal with deep blue AR.

The strap is somewhat exhilarating while also inspiring awe. It features a Seiko Wave design with a battle-worn yellow buckle. The Mercedes design of the hands and yellow seconds hand also tops up the amazing feel of this watch.

6. Seigaiha Seiko Mod

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Seigaiha means the deep blue waves of the sea. This Seiko mod brand features a dial with an interesting geometric pattern originating from ancient China, which is a depiction of the sea on a geographic map. This pattern has been used for thousands of years by the Japanese in pottery, kimono fashion among others.

The popular Seigaiha pattern now features in Seiko watches to create the amazing Seigaiha Seiko mod. The watch’s dial also has a highly glossy enamel finish with pure Swiss Super-LumiNove BGW9 to give it a fresh breath of life.

5. The Paratrooper 

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Are you fascinated by military-themed wearables? The Paratrooper is a Seiko mod of the SKX007 model to give it a military green theme. The watch features Od green nylon paracord strap which is adjustable to cater to 6.5” – 8” wrist size.

The OD green Cerakote finish gives the watch a 42mm diameter, with a 7S26 automatic movement. The military Seiko mod dial is a true expression of art to mimic a grenade’s outer shell. The case and the bezel have a matte black finish to depict unique elegance. This pared with the authentic strap, the watch is an excellent weekender.

4. The Kraken

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This Seiko mod brand features a custom Kraken dial and a stainless-steel case to give it an elegant appeal. The dial depicts a struggle between a giant squid and a whale to deliver impressive finesse, considering how the canvas is sized.

3. Great Wave

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Great Wave is a Seiko mod of the SKX007, getting its design inspiration from the Great Wave of Kanagawa, a marvelous woodblock print created by Katsushika Hokusai during the Edo era. Up to date, the artwork remains the most popular piece of art and holds a significant position among Japanese artworks.

The watch has an automatic self-winding mechanism with a 42mm diameter case made of stainless steel. The modification of this watch entails the dial with the Great Wave off Kanagawa, BGW9 polished blue pilot hands, upgraded 4R36A hacking movement, mirror polished silver chapter ring, and blue vintage Italian calf leather strap.

2. Black Bay

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Black Bay Seiko mod is a brand created by modifying the SKX. It features a range of modifications, including a steel bezel insert. The design gets its inspiration from Black Bay Steel, and the bezel insert transforms the whole look and feel of the SKX. The bezel insert is available on both domed sapphire crystal and the stock Hardlex crystal.

1. Yacht Master

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This Seiko mod brand is admired for its intensified luxe appeal with a sporty look. Yacht Master stands out as a timepiece that brings in comfort and elegance. The signature appeal of the watch is its matte bezel and the rubber strap, which is topped off with the beautiful curved sapphire crystal.

Yacht Master features a graphite black Cerakote or stainless finish. Its movement is that of the Seiko NH36A featuring winding and hacking. The appeal of the watch is one of a kind and is something you would want to match with any attire.


Seiko mod brands give you the freedom to combine the various aspects of high-end watches to create your own. These new watch collections come with a variety of strap colors, interchangeable bezels and dials, and other customizable features. With this collection, you can enjoy the trendy features of Seiko and other watch brands combined in one fresh and edgy watch at an affordable cost.

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