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Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

A wristwatch is not only a gadget to tell time, but it is a part of one’s personality and style statement. No wonder, fashion blogs looked at wristwatches as an essential accessory to complete that dashing look.

Looking for a wristwatch to compliment your outfits?

Rely on Seiko orange monster to get the watch that fits your style and your personality. And if you are a diver, then this is something must-have.

But the orange monster is termed as a legend in the watch market and wristwatch collectors are surely hunting down for this legendry monster to be added to their precious collection.

Seiko Orange Monster: Models

Seiko orange monster is available as 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th generation monsters. The orange monster faced competition from black monster for 3 generations. Some exclusive models, limited to certain countries, are also launched.

  • First generation monsters: Seiko first-generation orange monster was competing with the black monster when the product was launched. The affordable but robust product is characterized by the seconds written on the dial.
  • Second generation monsters: The generation entered the market in 2012. The 4R36 caliber with possibilities of manual winding is introduced. And the indexes do look like pointed teeth.
  • Third generation monsters: By making a successful debut in 2014, the third generation is definitely a hit. It introduced the 6R15 automatic movements and an amazing power reserve of 50 hours.
  • Fourth generation monsters: This generation was somewhat a downfall for Seiko. No orange monster in the series is introduced. Additionally, the monsters were launched with the 2nd gen specifications of a 4R36 caliber.

The orange monster series were hailed by the watch lovers with great respect. Generation 1 and 2 are all time favorite with robust frame, and great specifications. The dive limit is about 200 m for these watches.

Seiko Orange Monster: Dial

Seiko series is known as a monster for a reason. The huge 38mm dial was introduced in 2000 when the size was just too big for the fans. The design and the brief detailing within the dial give the watches a look of monsters. The indexes resemble the pointed teeth of a monster and the color and hue set the background for the monstrous theme.

Additionally, the product and dial are known to withstand lots of beating. And why not? The dial glass is made out of sapphire.

 Apart from teeth like indexes, the dial also has seconds marked on it. As per the name, the dial of the Seiko orange monster is bright and orange in color.

The dial has three white hands outlined in black for representing the seconds, minutes, and hours. It is also marked with the automatic, dive 200 m, specifications. The dial also represents the date and day on it.

Seiko Orange Monster: Case and Bezel

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About 38 to 42 mm dial diameter is enclosed in a stainless-steel case. Stainless steel is what provides so much durability to the product. The case diameter is about 41 to 42.3 mm. The thickness goes about 12.4 mm.

The Seiko orange monster has a stylish rotating bezel. It is also made out of stainless steel. Engravings on the bezel give the watch an attractive look.

Seiko Orange Monster: Bracelet

Seiko orange monster comes accompanied by a robust and sturdy stainless-steel bracelet. The silver-colored bracelet looks good with the orange dial enclosed in a silver-colored case and a similar bezel.

However, one can use a rubber bracelet as well. Complementary colors of the band can add value to the looks of the orange monster.

Seiko Orange Monster: Movement

The Seiko monster series watches come with automatic movements. Coupled with 21 jewels and screw-down crown, the watch uses the 7S26 automatic caliber without manual winding or hacking in the 1st generation.

The second gen orange monster, however, uses the 4R36 automatic caliber. This also offers possibilities of manual winding and hacking.

The third gen monsters were equipped with a 6R15 automatic caliber with winding and hacking.

Seiko Orange Monster: Diving Features

Though you can always pair the monster as an accessory with your outfit, surely the orange monster was launched for the divers out there. The Seiko orange monster is very well suited to divers and the watch offers a 200 m deep dive limit.

Make sure to read the care instructions before wearing it for a dive. But surely the orange monster dive watch is good company for your diving experience.

Seiko Orange Monster: Price and Specification

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Let’s talk about the price of the legendary Seiko orange monsters. Being a diving watch with many useful features, it is really inexpensive compared to the other options available.

One can actually buy an orange monster within $250.

Now let’s just look at the product specifications

  • Movement: Automatic
  • Dial: 38-42 mm, orange
  • Case: Stainless steel, 42-43 mm diameter, 12.4 mm thickness, round shape
  • Bezel: Stainless steel, engraved, unidirectional rotation
  • Band: Stainless-steel, silver color, (rubber bracelet also available)
  • Crystal material: Sapphire
  • Display: Analog, 3 hands for seconds, minutes, and hours
  • Water-resistant depth: 200 m
  • Jewels: 21-23
  • Power reserve: 25-50 hours (depending upon generation)
  • Weight: Approximate 110 g

The diver’s watch offers amazing features at affordable prices. This watch is loved and respected by watch lovers and watch collectors equally.


First launched in 2000 by the Japanese brand Seiko, the Seiko monster series has polarized the users about the sturdy looks, large dials, and unique colors. But the monster series has definitely left a good impression on divers as well as watch collectors.

The Seiko monster series improved over their models in subsequent times. However, the first and second gen orange monsters have snatched the hearts of everyone and are regarded as the legends of the Seiko orange monster series.

Automatic movements, durability, water-resistant up to 200 m, cool looks, teeth like indexes, dial color, and other features of the orange monster attract people towards it. And not to mention all these features are packed together and offered at really low prices.

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