The History of Seiko Monster

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Seiko, the Japanese watch brand, is famously known to bring out the first-ever quartz wristwatches. Not only this, but they were also the first to introduce a chronograph complication into a quartz watch.

With several successful wristwatch models and series, they bring about a revolution in the dive watch market with unique designs of the Seiko Monster launch in 2000. The Seiko Monster series perhaps has the shortest history among other wristwatch series by Seiko.

But the legendry Monster has left an impact on the watch forums and communities. The legendry Monster is loved and respected by watch lovers and collectors.

Launch of the Seiko Monster
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Launch of the Seiko Monster

Meeting all the requirements of a Seiko 5 series, the Seiko Monster was launched in 2000. As per Seiko 5 series, the Seiko Monster has these 5 features common to other series of the brand

  1. Automatic movement
  2. Day and date display on dial
  3. Water-resistant up to 200 m
  4. A recesses crown at 4 o’clock
  5. Durable strap and case

With these features, the Seiko Monster was originally introduced as Seiko SKX779 in the year 2000. The design, especially the shielding is thought to be borrowed from the Seiko Tuna series. With the first generation of Seiko Monster, the series progressed and receive lots of love from Seiko Monster fans.

While the original Seiko Monster series is considered to be the true Monster, but many sub-series like mini-Monster, night Monster, etc. were also introduced later.

The Seiko Monster was available as Seiko black Monster and Seiko orange Monster worldwide. But in specific regions, certain limited additions of yellow, blue, snow, red, Monsters, etc. were made available.

Why Monster?

Wondering why the Seiko SKX779 series came to be known as the Seiko Monster? Well, it is all due to its size and look when it was first launched in 2000.

Let’s talk about the size first. Though a large dial is in trend these days, back in 2000 the 38 mm dial of the Seiko SKX779 was considered giant.

And the look adds up more of the monstrous theme to the watch. The indexes or markers on the dial look like the pointed fangs of a vampire. The yellowish hue and the dial background color, all add up to resemble a Monster.

And the Seiko series was known to withstand a lot of beating thanks to the robust frame and sturdy design.

Well, combining all these features and looks one can say that the Seiko series was aptly given the name Monster. And the fun fact is, people love this Seiko Monster.

Features of Seiko Monster

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The Seiko Monster series acquired all the features one can expect from this Japanese watchmaker brand. Coming out from the Seiko 5 series, expect the following from the Monster

  • Price: Compared to other dive watches in the market, the Seiko Monster is affordable with a reasonable price that won’t give you nightmares.
  • Movements: The Monster series uses automatic 7S26, 7S36 4R36, 6R15, etc. which is highly reliable, durable, and accurate.
  • Durability: The robust design and the long-lasting stainless-steel case make the Monster survive any environment.
  • Power: For 1st and 2nd gen, the power lasts about 24 hours which extends to about 50 hours in a later generation.

Apart from the features that a dive watch should inherit, the above qualities make the Seiko Monster stand out.

Seiko Monster: Models

Initially, Seiko Monster was launched with two robust models- Seiko Orange Monster and Seiko Black Monster. However, many limited additions of other models were later made available. Let’s have a look at the different models.

Seiko Orange Monster

The Seiko Orange Monster was officially launched as the SKX781 in 2001. And the Monster has captured the eyes and heart of the Monster fans with its loud neon orange color. Even the scientific community approved the color stating orange is the most visible color underwater, making the divers leap for the classic Orange Monster.

Seiko Black Monster

The Seiko Black Monster is not behind in attracting fans towards it. With a chrome bezel and black dial will be much easier to fit with your wardrobe. A lume that can glow for up to 8-10 hours in the dark and a power lasting 42 hours makes divers hearts throb for this Monster.

Seiko Monster: Limited Editions

The classic Seiko Monsters were no wonder adored by the fans, but many limited additions were also produced. Let’s have a look.

  • Seiko Snow Monster: Somewhat at the higher range as compared to the classic Monsters, the edition was well received by fans. The white dial, accompanied by a blue bezel and chapter ring, will give you the feeling of a snowstorm. This gives a trendy look with a 43 mm dial diameter.
  • Seiko Trek Monster: Meant for trekkers, it consists of a navigational bezel suitable on land. The bezel features the directions in a compass-like design. But it is still water-resistant as well.
  • Seiko Prince Monster: With traits of both the classic Monsters and the trek Monster, the watch is indeed a prince. Bezel has the dive traits and the chapter ring features the navigational treks. The 48 mm diameter watch is engraved in rose gold accents.
  • Seiko Night Monster: The night Monster comes in all shades of black. Bezel, case, bracelet, everything is finished in black. This comes with a 43 mm dial size. Though a limited edition, its production was increased due to huge demand.
  • Seiko Black Ion Monster: Apart from the 200 mm water diving feature, it has a screw-down crown and case back to give you some extra protection. The dial is 42.75 mm with a black and white hue.
  • Seiko Baby Monster: Seiko baby Monster has the looks of the classical Monster but is much more affordable. But some of the features are to be compromised. It has a diving limit of 100 m and not 200 m.

The Seiko Monster has survived four generations so far with added features every time. Though the classic orange and black Seiko Monsters are considered legends, other limited Monsters have a good reputation.

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