Top 8 Seiko Orange Monsters at Discounted Prices

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Seiko is one of the top watch brands out there that never ceases to amaze all watch lovers and enthusiasts around the globe.

Specifically speaking, their Seiko Orange Monsters lineup has been the focus of many people who want to get stylish and premium-looking quality watches that not only will make people’s heads turn to them, but will also serve as a status symbol to make you look and feel better.

This Japanese watchmaker has been one of the most reputable, if not the best watch manufacturers in the world today. It’s because of this that people from all walks of life have been aggressively seeking out their watches, specifically the Orange Monsters.

So, what are the best Seiko Orange Monsters variations out there?

Well, read on.

8. Seiko Orange Monster Stainless Steel SKX781

The Seiko Orange Monster Stainless Steel edition is a highly sought-after watch because of its timeless looks and classy approach to its stylish edges and design.

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This is a mechanical automatic watch that has a 42 mm case diameter, which is just ideal if you have a moderate-sized hand. The case material is also made from stainless steel, which ensures the utmost quality. The strap is made for rubber for versatility.

What’s also great about this watch is that it has a water resistance of up to 200 meters and includes time and date features. The dial is colored orange and has a premium Hardlex crystal to seal the deal for you. It’s a must-have if you’re into classic-looking stylish Seikos.

7. Seiko Orange Monster Automatic Diver SRP315K2

The Seiko Orange Monster Automatic Diver is another must-have if you are into gathering multiple Seikos for your watch collection. The case material is made of premium steel which creates a premium industrial look.

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The case diameter is also 42 mm which complements the 20 ATM water resistance level. The bezel is made of premium steel which goes perfectly well with the crystal mineral glass. It has an orange dial and there are no numerals in between.

It also has a black-colored rubber bracelet for a more casual look. The bracelet length measures 215 mm, while the lug width measures 20 mm.

It has a buckle clasp made of steel and measures 18 mm. Get this one if you’re more of the active kind of guy who wants to have a Seiko that’s built for the rugged outside world.

6. Seiko Orange Monster Classic    SKX781

Then there is the Seiko Orange Monster Classic, a go-to choice for those who want a timeless watch that speaks of utmost elegance and classic vibe. Its case is made of steel and has an automatic movement system.

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The frequency is rated at 21600 A/h and has a case diameter of 42 mm. The thickness is measured at around 13 mm. What’s more, is that it has a water resistance level of 20 ATMs. Get this one if you want to look formal and professional at the same time.

5. Seiko Orange Monster 2nd Gen SRP311

The Seiko Orange Monster 2nd Gen is a must-have if you want a unique Seiko watch to keep your looks looking prime.

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This is a Halloween-themed watch thanks to its cool orange color. This watch is also produced back in 2012, meaning that there are no more same variations today. It’s a unique and rare find.

This has an automatic movement system, is a unisex watch, but works great on men, and has a case that is made from premium steel. All these complementing the orange-colored dial which adds to the sophisticated feel of this timepiece.

4. Seiko Orange Baby Monster SRPB39J1

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There is also this so-called Seiko Orange Baby Monster. It is a sporty watch that works great if you are the kind of person who is more into the outdoors.

This one is very durable and has a sporty feel to it. It features a 4R36 automatic movement timepiece along with a unique hacking and hand winding function which can be seen via the back case.

Hardlex crystals also protect this timepiece that is already water-resistant, with a rating of 10 ATMs.

3. Seiko Orange Monster 1st Gen SKX781

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The Seiko Orange Monster 1st Gen is another watch worth considering. It is very similar to the 2nd gen variant, but it stays truer to its origins of classic feel and simplicity.

It is an automatic moving watch and has a case diameter of 42 mm, just sleek enough to comfortably fit around your wrists.

It might be produced back in 2012, but even if it’s close to a decade away, it’s still very fashionable, in trend, and a great choice if you’re into premium timepieces.

2. Seiko Monster SKX781K3

Here comes the Seiko Monster SKX781K3. This is very similar to the other watches, but it has a more premium-looking vibe to it thanks to its steel case and rubber bracelet.

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What’s nice about this watch is that it has a 42-hour power reserve, 21 jewels, and a frequency of 21,600 A/h.

The case is made of industrial-looking steel, has a case diameter of 41 mm, thickness of 13 mm, and a water resistance rating of 20 ATM.

1. Seiko 5 Automatic Baby Monster SRPB39

The Seiko 5 Automatic Baby Monster is another choice worth considering. It has a stainless steel case, a rubber strap for a sportier look, and an automatic movement timepiece system for better accuracy and efficiency.

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You will also find 24 jewels on this, showing how premium and elegant this valuable piece of watch is.

It also has Hardlex crystals and an orange dial for a more flashy look. This goes hand in hand with the luminous hands and markers, as well as a day and date display.

The back case is even see-through. And what’s more, is that this has a 100-meter water resistance rating! The case diameter is 46 mm and the case thickness is 13 mm.

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