Top 10 Tudor Racing Watches

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Every decent watch enthusiast is familiar with the Tudor brand; you may call it Rolex’s younger sibling. Since 1926, Tudor has been blessing the public with beautiful and sturdy timepieces that are cost-effective with extended life spans. Starting with quality, manual watches and progressing into the more automatic era, Tudor is never taken unawares, never failing to produce classy and high-ranking watches society can appreciate.

Over time, Tudor has partnered with the sports industry, making watches that can withstand force sourced from sudden movements and function underwater without missing a tick.

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Racing watches are distinct from other watches because they have certain typical features, hardly found on different watches. You must know some of these features:

Chronograph: Chronograph watches that can be used to time the course of events, especially a race. They are timers while acting as regular watches; these watches can record time.

High Contrast: Good racing watches usually have high contrast colors to be simple to read even during high speed. Often, high contrast watches come in white or black tones, shadows or colors that ‘leap’ so the time is read.

Metal or Leather Bracelets: In more recent times, racing watches are made with metal bracelets, usually made from stainless steel. Before, they were popularly made with leather straps.

Tachymeter: This means the ability to solve and measure distance. A racer needs to estimate how far he has gone, so racing watches aid the sportsman, commonly placed at the dial.

Now that you know these significant features, I present to you the top ten Tudor racing watches:

10. Tudor Sport Chronograph

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This beautiful piece has a 40-millimeter diameter with a reliable stainless steel bracelet. Dressed with a black and white dial, the Tudor Sport has a black and white dial, sitting a tachymeter and a provision for the date.

Coming from the makers of Rolex, it is no surprise that this elegant watch has all these beautiful features. Now, your ideal racer can have both a reliable and handsome racing watch, suitable for both work and daily life.

Many users appreciate the automatic movement of this watch and its affordable price.

9. Tudor Fastrider Black Shield

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This sleek baby fits perfectly on your wrist without being too large or small. Apart from being a highly water-resistant watch, the Black Shield has a well-balanced high contrast look of black and white.

Armed with all the relevant traits of a modest racing watch, it has an excellent attractive appearance with its dark case that adds to its subtly charming looks. The Black Shield has a 42-millimeter diameter and a leather strap.

8. Tudor Grantour Date

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When you see a Tudor Grantour Date, you will notice its unique look, different from other Grantour models. The reason it looks different is that, unlike the rest, the date has no subdials. Subdials are the smaller circular dials atop the main dial.

The absence of subdials gives the watch a smoother air. Most racing watches have subdials, but the Grantour Date has dared to deviate from the norm without changing the watch’s quality or its function.

The watch’s head is about 42 millimeters in diameter, accompanied by a metal strap.

7. Tudor Grantour Fly-Back

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The 42 millimeters faced Fly-Back is proof of Tudor’s creative and original brand as it, once again, shifts from the usual trend of most racing watches in the resetting process. Most race watches take three clicks to affect the timer (begin, stop or reset), but not the Grantour Fly-Back. You can trigger the timer with a single side tap of the pusher without stopping the watch’s progression.

6. Tudor Chronautic

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In the earlier years, Tudor was well known for producing standard and rugged watches that could withstand the rough activities surrounding some jobs like soldiering and diving. Tudor’s knack for making such pretty pieces with so much grit still holds and can be seen in the Tudor Chronautic.

Framed by a stainless steel case, the watch’s head measures 41 millimeters and has a metal strap. This model has qualities you can quickly realize from its name; the hands move automatically, a chronograph watch. It is a perfect racing watch, its toughness suitable for the dangerous yet thrilling adventure of racing. It has an ideal high contrast color scheme; the black and white dial makes reading more effortless.


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As the name implies, the Fastrider Chrono has an air of adventure and freedom, the perfect friend to every free-spirited person, and the right racing watch you can find. It is familiar with other Tudor racing watches; the Fastrider is not affected by water and has a 42 millimeters head.

With all subdials in place with a dark-themed dial, proudly displaying the Tudor name on it, Fastrider can be enjoyed by all athletes and everyday people alike.

4. Tudor Grantour Chrono

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Strapped in black leather, this bad boy is encased in steel with a black ring with tachymetric numbers. All hands are literally on deck here as the watch has an hour, minute, and second hand, not to forget the date.

Like all race watches, you can use the Grandtour Chrono to track your races and monitor the distance covered. It has a 42 millimeters diameter.

3. Tudor Grantour Silver Dial Chronograph Steel Men’s Watch

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The Silver Dial can take care of its winding needs without you manually doing it. You can find most of its features in its name, a noble, rare watch indeed. It has a silver dial with smaller black subdials to enhance time reading. To finish this piece is a polished black leather strap, completing the racy yet beautiful looks.

2. Tudor Black Bay Chrono

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The black bay is a re-launch, a better version of the ones produced five decades ago, and Tudor made it for the race watches made within that time. It has two models: the one with a black dial and white subdials and the one with a white dial and black subdials. The case is slim with a 41-millimeter diameter. These models come in both metal and leather straps.

1. Tudor Black Bay Heritage

This 41 millimeters watch has everything you need in a race watch; it does not cease under pressure or water. Like all Tudor race watches, it hits every mark to make a model race watch; measurements in place, a black dial for good time reading, and a strong metal bracelet beginning with a 22 millimeters width and finishing with 18 millimeters.

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