How to Measure the Wrist Size of Your Watch?

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Have you ever received a watch as a gift, but it felt quite weird when you put it on? Well, you are not alone. Many of us tend to buy watches for our loved ones or ourselves because it looks good, lovely, or suits our budget range.

And if it is not the average wrist size male, the watch may be sloppy, feel too loose, or even feel tight and cut off your blood circulation in your hand. You may even find yourself adjusting the face of the watch a couple of times. Or maybe, you could be attending a fancy event with a custom-tailored suit. However, your beautiful and luxurious watch may be buried under the cuff.

Fortunately, you can save yourself from all these embarrassments by finding the right wrist size of your watch. Finding the measurements of your wrist will help determine the perfect size for not only your watch but also for other accessories like bracelets.  It can also help your loved ones know the ideal size and design of wrist jewelry to buy you.

Below, we have listed all the tips you need to know on how to measure the average wrist size male of your watch.

How to Measure your Wrist Size

What you Will Need:

Before measuring your wrist size, you will need to gather several tools for the job:

  • Tailor’s tape
  •  String

If you do not have a measuring or tailor’s strip, you can use a string. For the illustration below, we will use a tailor’s tape. You can measure it in centimeters or inches, any of these is sure to get the job done perfectly.

 Step 1: Open your palm and rotate your forearm outward.

Your palm should face up. If you rotate your wrist inward or close your hand, then chances are that you will get readings that are slightly smaller than your actual wrist size.

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Step 2: Take your measuring tape and place its end on the middle of your wrist.

This will make it easier to read the measurements. The best place would be just where your wrist bone is.

Step 3: Wrap the tailor’s tape around your wrist

With the end of the tape at the middle, it is now time to wrap the tape around your arm. Make sure that you have also held the end in place. When wrapping the tape around your arm, remember that it should feel comfortable. It should not be too tight that your skin begins to bulge. Instead, the tape should feel just right on your wrist. And there you have it. Your reading should is the number that connects with the end of the tape.

Step 4: Note the measurements down

If you know that, you will forget the readings, then write down the wrist size readings in your notebook or phone. Make sure it is in an accessible place in case you go shopping for a watch. Normally, the average wrist size male is 7.25 inches or 18.42 cm.

How to Measure the Wrist Size with No Measuring Tape

If you do not have a tailor’s tape, then do not worry. You can still measure your arm using other items like a string. A fabric thread can be the best option. The steps for measuring the size will remain the same as for the tape above.

However, when using a string, you have to be careful not to put it in tightly and harm your hand. Ensure that it hangs slightly loosely and mark the readings with a pen. It is worth noting that the readings, however, maybe a little bit off unlike the tailor’s tape.

Another way you can get the measurements of your wrist is through a sheet of paper. Cut a sheet of paper in the same size as that of a tailor’s tape, but not too long. Then wrap it on your wrist and do not forget to mark the readings you get from the edge. Afterward, straighten the paper next to any ruler and note down the measurements.

How to Measure the Wrist Size for a NATO Strap

NATO straps can be very comfortable to wear all year long, well except during the hot summers. So, if you are planning to go with NATO bands, then they will need to fit properly around your wrist. NATO straps have to go around the spring bars and have extra material, and this is something you should take into account when measuring.

Besides, it is always recommended that if you are going for these types of watches, then it should come out as a full inch or 2.5 cm larger than your wrist size. This means that you should add up to 2.5 centimeters to the average wrist-size male.

 For a Metal Bracelet

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Metal bracelets are slightly different from the rest. For starters, they should be a little bit looser than the other materials to avoid them from pinching or harming you in any way. In some cases, if the weather is too hot, then the metal watch might take your body temperature and you will sweat a little bit as well as feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, when going for a metal bracelet watch, then the idea is to get one that does not feel too snuggly on your arm, but it also does not feel uncomfortable. It should be in between the two. However, keep in mind that you should not go for one that is too large and can easily fall off your wrist. Besides, metal watches are flexible and can easily fit adapt to the size of your arm. The best option will be to add maybe 1cm or perhaps ½ or ¼ inch to your wrist size.

What about Leather or Rubber Straps?

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Well, leather bands are not the best options, especially during the summer season. On the other hand, rubber straps are great all year long. They can handle temperature, sweat, and dust. However, they can be very tight if you do not have the right wrist measurements. Sometimes, you may find that the face of the watch is in a different direction especially if you have sweated a lot. So, to avoid this, then you can add ¾ inch or 2cm additional space to your wrist size.

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