7 Watches That Look Like Rolex: Alternatives that won’t break your bank

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Rolex is also known for being exceptionally expensive, and luxurious. However, they are typically rather expensive. This can make getting the quality and utility of a Rolex rather difficult. Luckily, the watch industry is filled with Rolex alternative watches that are both high quality, and affordably priced. As such, you don’t have to shell out massive amounts of cash in order to get Rolex like watches. Here are 7 watches that look-alike Rolex 

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

Tudor watches might be the best way to get a Rolex watch, without buying an actual Rolex. Tudor is a sister company to Rolex, and as such comes with all of the same quality and backing–but at a reduced price point. The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight is an excellent Rolex Submariner alternative, with many of the same bells and whistles. This is alongside the added bonus of being made by the same corporation who manufactures Rolex watches. 

The resemblance is uncanny. Photot: @mtwotime

TAG Heuer Aquaracer ref. WAY111A.BA0928

TAG Heuer is one of the most well respected and beloved watch manufacturers in the industry. Due to this, it should come as no surprise that their Aquaracer lineup is a great Rolex Submariner alternative. This 41mm timepiece is just hefty enough to feel durable and luxurious, without being overly bulky. This is an excellent dive watch for those who want to spend a bit less than the cost of a Rolex. 


Hamilton Intramatic 68

Hamilton watches are another highly respected Swiss watch brand that traces its roots back to the United States. With a classic history of being worn on the wrists of soldiers and commanders in World War II, Hamilton has a long pedigree of making tough and durable watches. The Intramatic 68 pays homage to the classic chronograph watch style with flavorings of the Rolex Daytona. This is an excellent Daytona alternative for those who still want luxury and class, with a bit of a reduced price point. 


Seiko SSB033 

Seiko is one of the most well respected budget watch manufacturers on the planet. This Japanese company makes timepieces that are both stylish, and long lasting. The SSB033 is a great homage to the Rolex Daytona as it t comes with the tachymeter bezel, and the three sub-dial designs. This is a great Rolex Daytona alternative. 


Steinhart Ocean One Vintage 

The Steinhart Ocean One Vintage is a luxury divers watch, and is a great Rolex Submariner alternative. It comes with a durable casing that is resistant to water at up to 100m, and features a proprietary movement mechanism exclusive to Steinhart. This is a great watch for those who want a diver’s watch similar to the Rolex Submariner


Monta Oceanking

The Monta Oceanking is an amazingly sleek and well-made watch that is the perfect Rolex Submariner alternative. This timepiece is waterproof at up to 300m and comes in at an amazing value for how low profile and yet functionally beautiful it is. This is a great watch for divers who want the feel and functionality of a Rolex Submariner, but with a more stripped down and basic design. 


Stührling Depthmaster 883

The Stührling Depthmaster 883 is a great low cost German Rolex Submariner alternative. This diver’s watch is rated waterproof at up to 100m, and comes with the classic functionality and durability expected of a Rolex Submariner. It is also known for its Krysterna Glass facing which is notably better than Sapphire Glass. It also comes in a wide range of modern and sleek coloring options for variety. 


Final Thoughts

While it might be difficult to find a Rolex like watch, there are plenty of Rolex submariner alternatives, as well as a few Rolex Daytona alternatives. As such, you can rest easy knowing that you can still have an excellent timepiece, much like a Rolex, without blowing the budget. 

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