How to wind Cartier Pasha watch?

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

Cartier first introduced the Pasha series in 1985. Gerald Genta, the famous watch designer, created the timepiece. The 1985 model featured a water-resistant sports-themed watch to 100 meters, courtesy of a screw-down cover that stopped water from entering via the crown. At 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, large and Arabic solid numerals marked the hour. For timekeeping, it used sword-shaped hands, and at 4.30, a date display appeared.

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Cartier eventually reintroduced the watch in 2020, and the timing couldn’t have been better. The clock retains a lot of its original looks. In every manner, the brand-new watch is sleek, fluid, and seamless. They’ve been redesigned to resemble blue swords when it comes to the hands, and the date has been moved back to 4.30 p.m. The most noticeable difference is undoubtedly the movement, replaced with an in-house automated 1847 MC. The watches are offered in two case sizes: a larger, more manly 41 mm and a smaller, more feminine 35 mm.

Except for the shiny bezel and crown cover, the Cartier Pasha watch is entirely made of satin-finished stainless steel, measuring 40.5mm in diameter and 13mm thick. The screwed-in crown cover contributes to the Pasha’s 100M water resistance, which is more than sufficient for its original swimming function in the pool, as authorized by the Pasha of Marrakesh in the 1930s.

Nowadays, numerous watch enthusiasts tend to overlook a fundamental point about automatic wristwatches: they still require winding once their movement grinds to a halt.

However, why is this the case? There is a straightforward answer, but you must first grasp the underlying idea.

According to an ancient urban legend, an automated watch does not require winding.

It is an age-old legend. The widespread belief that automatic watches no longer require winding has confused many users, particularly first-timers, believing that their timepieces will wind themselves; thus, the word ‘automatic.’

The fundamental question to provide insight into this subject is: Is it necessary to wind an automated watch?

The straightforward response is ‘Yes. You do require winding it.’ Watch winding is essential to keep your watch running smoothly and ensure that it remains in excellent condition throughout the years.

As a new owner, you must understand a philosophy. Think of a simple automatic watch, such as the Cartier Pasha watch that you wear all the time from your collection. Because it’s a self-winding or automatic watch, you can count on it working to its full potential as long as you wear it. It is feasible due to the watch’s internal winding wheel. This rotor powers the watch through the energy stored in your wrist’s natural motions throughout the day.

While you are moving your hands, your automatic Cartier Pasha watch winds itself.

However, what occurs at night? Taking your Cartier Pasha watch off before going to bed does not always mean your watch is dead. It can continue to work because of the stored energy accumulated during the day. Indeed, without winding it, it may continue to operate for up to 48 hours.

The other side is that it’s impossible to wear your Cartier Pasha watch all the time. Automatic watches rely on your motions to function. Therefore leaving them unused for an extended time is detrimental to them. Once it depletes its power reserve and reaches its predicted running duration, you are left with no choice but to wound it manually.

How Is an Automatic Watch Winded?

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Winding your Cartier Pasha watch implies reviving it. Nonetheless, how can you correctly wind an automated Cartier Pasha watch?

Winding a timepiece is not as straightforward as you may believe. It needs you to exercise greater caution since a single error might result in irreversible harm to your watch.

Here are two simple methods for winding a watch, such as a women’s automatic Cartier Pasha Watch.

Wear it all the time or flip the crown is the obvious answer.

As previously stated, automatic timepieces are powered by the wearer’s wrist movements. As a result, wearing it entails winding it.

Follow these instructions to set your watch while wearing it:

  • Take care with your Cartier Pasha watch.
  • Gently wiggle your wrists until the watch’s hands begin to move again.
  • Adjust the date and time accordingly, if necessary.

However, what if you stop wearing or using your watch for an extended length of time?

Well, the watch will not die immediately if you don’t wear it for 48 hours. However, it will eventually. When this occurs, you can wind it by turning its crown before setting the date and time. Thus, rotating the crown is yet another method of winding.

To wind or set your timepiece by rotating the crown, follow these instructions.

Manual Winding: 

  • Set the crown to zero and then clockwise revolve it.
  • To fully wind the watch, turn the crown around 30-40 times, or until the seconds hand begins to move.
  • To change the date, turn the crown counter-clockwise from Position 1 until the intended date is reached.
  • For adjusting the time, pull it to Position no. 2 and rotate it in either direction until the desired time is reached.

However, winding a Cartier Pasha watch entails a few procedures.

  • Wind the Cartier Pasha watch’s spring by turning the crown, a tiny knob on the watch’s right side. Wind the crown clockwise until a slight resistance is felt.
  • Extend the crown till you hear a slight click. It would help if you turned the crown clockwise until the clock attained the required time.
  • Return the crown with a single click. You may not entirely press the crown against the watch’s side.
  • Wind a few more spins on the crown to completely engage the gears.
  • Reposition the crown against the watch’s side. The Cartier Pasha watch is now set.

Another method of winding a Cartier Pasha is as follows:

Wind the watch’s spring by turning the tiny screw here on the right-hand side of the timepiece (the crown). Wind the crown until a slight resistance is felt. Extend the crown till a slight click is heard. It would help if you turned the crown clockwise until the clock attained the required time.

With the Cartier Pasha watch, there is a novel method to circumventing the traditional screw-down crown.

A tiny crown beneath is exposed when the cover is unscrewed, enabling you to wind the watch, quickly set the date, and hack the second tent for accurate time setting.

Once one has mastered the skill of winding a Cartier Pasha watch, an obvious question emerges.

Is It Necessary to Set a Cartier Pasha Watch?

The straightforward response is ‘Yes. You must wind it.’ Winding your Cartier Pasha watch is essential to keep it from underperforming and to ensure that it remains in excellent condition throughout the years.

Always ensure that your Cartier Pasha watch is not over-wound and that the crown is fully inserted. In most situations, a contemporary automatic watch cannot be overwound. The clever design of these winding mechanisms allows for the discharge of any surplus tension as the spring slides inside the barrel.

Apply a watch winder

The motion of the wrist triggers the winding of an automatic watch. This motion eliminates the necessity for manual watch winding. Your automatic watch may lose time or cease working if you don’t wear it regularly or use a watch winder.

An automated watch winder imitates the motions of a human arm to keep the watch wound even when not in use.

If you prefer to use a watch winder, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose the type of winder box that you require.
  • Calculate the number of watches you must wind unless you’re a collector.
  • Determine the direction of rotation of the winder.

Finally, but certainly not least, how frequently should an automatic watch be wound?

There is an insufficient movement to sustain the watch’s battery life. As the days pass at your work, you’ll notice your watch draining vitality. As such, we recommend twisting the crown thirty to forty times before wearing it. To prevent harm to your watch, never turn the crown while wearing it.

As a newbie, setting your automated watch may seem daunting. However, if you’ve mastered how to go about it properly, it’s an easy chore to ace if you’re considering purchasing automatic watches, ready yourself for future winding encounters as well.

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