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How much is a Baume & Mercier watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Baume & MercierCliftonMOA10099$92578
Baume & MercierCapelandMOA10062$1,43970
Baume & MercierCliftonMOA10111$1,34743
Baume & MercierCliftonMOA10054$1,00042
Baume & MercierCliftonM0A10052$1,12733
Baume & MercierCliftonM0A10343$2,38632
Baume & MercierCliftonM0A10342$2,67829
Baume & MercierCapelandM0A10066$1,65527
Baume & MercierCapelandM0A10064$1,35221
Baume & MercierCliftonMOA10057$2,15319