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How much is a Bell & Ross watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Bell & RossBr03 92BR0392$1,342475
Bell & RossVintageBR126$1,491253
Bell & RossBr01BR0192S$1,46896
Bell & RossPhantom InfinityBR0392S$1,78349
Bell & RossVintage 123BR12395SC$1,18640
Bell & RossBrv1 92BRV192BLSTSCA$1,3996
Bell & RossDiverBR0392DBLSTSRB$2,6956
Bell & RossAviationBRSERUSTSCA$1,6955
Bell & RossBrsBRSBLCST$1,3955
Bell & RossBr03BR0392BLCE$2,3955