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Established: 1884

Breitling SA, which is more commonly known as simply Breitling, is a luxury wrist watch manufacturer that is based in Grenchen, Switzerland. They are primarily known for their production, as many of their models are designed specifically for either divers or aviators. Their chronographs and sport watches have been popular among groups such as the military and the U.S. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Breitling watches have a distinct style, and they are known for servicing the military and providing them with often customized group orders.

One of the first timepieces Breitling created for aviators is the Navitimer, which was developed for the U.S. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, also known as the A.O.P.A. It was innovative and designed for pilots and aviators to be able to do necessary calculations for flight, such as rate of climb or descent, conversion of miles to nautical miles or kilometers, fuel consumption, average speed, and distance travelled.

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BreitlingTop TimeAB01765A1B1X1$5,6755
BreitlingTop TimeAB01762A1L1X1$5,9505
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BreitlingTop TimeAB01761A1K1X1$6,7584
BreitlingTop TimeAB01764A1C1X1$6,7584

The wrist watch they developed for these purposes, the Navitimer, had a case with a diameter of forty one millimeters, which was large for the time it was manufactured. However, this was to ensure all of the information on the timepiece was easy to read. Thanks to its precision and readability, along with its many features, the Navitimer was an immediate success among the members of the A.O.P.A.

Another one of Breitling’s most iconic and well known models is the Superocean, which was the very first diving watch they ever manufactured. They created this timepiece when the demand for diving watches increased in the 1950’s. Breitling created and manufactured two different versions of the Superocean, both with the same name, which were meant to represent the two different sides of nautical sport. One version of the Superocean, Ref. 807, is only meant for telling time, and it was intended for men who frequent the beach. The second version, Ref. 1004, is a chronograph that was designed for seasoned divers, and it is more reliable than its counterpart.

Another one of Breitling’s timepieces that was designed for aviators is the Chronomat. It was made specifically for the Italian Frecce Tricolori Jet team when they were in need of a new chronograph for their pilots. The renowned jet team needed a timepiece that was elegant as well as sturdy and reliable, and it had to be mechanical, as there were no quartz chronograph movements at the time that were suitable for their needs. Breitling provided the Chronomat, which was innovative and perfectly suited to what they needed.

Breitling is a well respected timepiece manufacturer with a long history of serving aviators and divers. They often manufacture wrist watches that are precise and reliable for sport as well as style. Their iconic pieces, such as the Navitimer, Superocean, and Chronomat, have allowed them to rise to prominence in the watchmaking industry, and it is likely they will continue their mission of sport, precision, and style as they continue to manufacture wrist watches that are precise and trustworthy.