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How much is a Carl F. Bucherer watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Carl F. BuchererManero0010919085321$5,3053
Carl F. BuchererHeritage0010803074201$7,8803
Carl F. BuchererManero Flyback0010919081321$5,3003
Carl F. BuchererManero Flyback0010919083321$5,1253
Carl F. BuchererHeritage0010803081201$6,6132
Carl F. BuchererHeritage0010803089295$6,6132
Carl F. BuchererManero0010927081303$5,7462
Carl F. BuchererManero0010923083399$6,7212
Carl F. BuchererManero0010927081301$5,7462
Carl F. BuchererHeritage0010803089298$6,6132