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Established: 1847

Cartier International SNC, which is more commonly known as simply Cartier, is a French company that sells luxury jewelry and watches. The company has been stationed in Paris since its founding by Louis Francois Cartier, though it is fully owned and a subsidiary company of the Swiss Richemont Group. While Louis Francois Cartier founded Cartier, it was his grandsons, Jacques, Pierre, and Louis who established their brand worldwide.

Notably, Cartier is known for being a jeweler that has often served royalty. Cartier has been referred to by a British king, specifically King Edward VII, as “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers.” A royal warrant was issued to those who provided the royal court with goods or services and were trusted by the royal court, and Cartier has received these warrants from multiple courts. Cartier even filled an order from King Edward VII for his very own coronation.

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The first men’s wrist watch Cartier produced, known as the Santos watch, is also one of their most iconic pieces. The watch is named after a Brazilian aviator named Alberto Santos Dunmont, who complained to his friend about the difficulties of telling time on a watch while flying. His friend happened to be Louis Cartier, who then went on to design the Santos watch. The Santos watch was a square shaped watch, and it was revolutionary in the way men’s watches were designed compared to women’s watches. It was a favorite of Alberto Santos Dunmont, and a favorite of many other customers, and it is now one of Cartier’s most iconic timepieces.

The original Cartier Santos watch was developed further, and multiple new versions of it have been launched. The Cartier Santos 100 and the Cartier Santos Triple 100 are both versions of the classic original Cartier Santos watch.

As styles and trends in women’s wrist watches began to shift to something different, Cartier developed a watch that fit the new trends. The original Cartier Tonneau Watch was elongated and barrel shaped, something that was wildly different from the usual round watch face. This watch became very popular, and was known to be a common accessory for women who were fashionable and high class.

Another one of the iconic wristwatches under the Cartier brand, the Cartier Tank had a square shaped design that was inspired by the big tanks in the first world war. This timepiece has had several other versions of it launched, but fans and customers have been particularly fond of the classic Tank Louis Cartier, either in steel or rose gold.

Cartier is known for being a luxurious brand that caters to the timepiece needs of the fashionable men and women of high class. While Cartier is well known within the watch community, they are also a popular jeweler, and have notably produced both watches and jewelry that have been worn by several royal figures in history. They are considered one of the most prestigious luxury jewelry and watch manufacturers in the world, and often launch new beautiful and innovative timepieces.