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Best brands and reference numbers with most offers

BrandModelReference numberBest pricesOffers
Christian DiorDior ViiiCD1245E9C001$3,1503
Christian DiorChristal LadiesCD114311$1,5853
Christian DiorDior ViiiCD1231E4C001$2,9952
Christian DiorDior ViiiCD1231E0C002$3,4902
Christian DiorChiffre RougeCD084610M001$2,2202
Christian DiorDior ViiiCD1245E5C001$3,2952
Christian DiorDior ViiiCD1231E2C001$2,2722
Christian DiorChristalCD11431K$6,1982
Christian DiorDior Viii MontaigneCD153510M001$2,9952
Christian DiorDior Viii MontaigneCD1521I0M001$2,0952