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How much is a Eberhard & Co. watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Eberhard & Co.8 Jours21027CP$4,7252
Eberhard & Co.Chrono431043CP$5,2641
Eberhard & Co.Contograf31069CAD$5,4261
Eberhard & Co.Contograf31069CP$4,8001
Eberhard & Co.Extra Fort31146CPD$6,7961
Eberhard & Co.Extra Fort31952CP$4,4981
Eberhard & Co.Extra Fort41029CP$2,7401
Eberhard & Co.Gilda60067OR$10,2051
Eberhard & Co.Gilda61008CA2$3,5701
Eberhard & Co.Gilda61008CP$2,9451