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How much is a Franck Muller watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Franck MullerLong Island1000SC$5,265186
Franck MullerVanguardV45CCDT$5,574176
Franck MullerConquistador8900SCDTGPG$6,06228
Franck MullerLong Island1200S6GG$8,21324
Franck MullerConquistador10000CC$9,61817
Franck MullerMaster6000KSCDT$6,53316
Franck MullerCasablanca5850CC$5,06714
Franck MullerCintree Curvex8880CCAT$6,81012
Franck MullerMaster Calendar6850CCMC$7,69912
Franck MullerConquistador8005CCKING$6,9259