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How much is a Grand Seiko watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Grand SeikoHeritageSBGX261$1,36381
Grand SeikoHeritageSBGR307$2,82064
Grand SeikoHereitageSBGA003$2,59061
Grand SeikoSpring DriveSBGA299$2,68754
Grand SeikoHeritageSBGA373$3,56648
Grand SeikoSpring DriveSBGA011$3,49647
Grand SeikoHeritageSBGA201$2,98442
Grand SeikoSpring DriveSBGA001$2,64539
Grand SeikoHeritageSBGA283$2,64638
Grand SeikoGrand Seiko HeritageSBGX259$1,35137