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How much is a H. Moser & Cie watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
H. Moser & CieVenturer21000401$14,9502
H. Moser & CieEndeavour13210216$15,2951
H. Moser & CieH Moser Cie Endeavour13460101$17,9501
H. Moser & CieEndeavour13480300$37,9501
H. Moser & CieEndeavour18060201$29,9501
H. Moser & CieH Moser Cie Endeavour13410103$29,9501
H. Moser & CieEndeavour13220100$19,9501
H. Moser & CieH Moser Cie Endeavour Centre Seconds13430105$12,9501
H. Moser & CieH Moser Cie Venturer21000202$16,9501
H. Moser & CieEndeavour13210109$10,9501