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How much is a H. Moser & Cie watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
H. Moser & CieEndeavour18041206$46,3431
H. Moser & CieHeritage88041200$30,5711
H. Moser & CiePioneer32000903$15,7261
H. Moser & CiePioneer32001205$10,1591
H. Moser & CiePioneer38111200$64,8991
H. Moser & CiePioneer Centre32001207$13,9151
H. Moser & CieStreamliner68121200$37,0651
H. Moser & CieStreamliner69021201$34,2821
H. Moser & CieVenturer23270410$18,5101