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How much is a Porsche Design watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Porsche DesignDashboard6612111$1,5073
Porsche DesignDashboardP6620$1,6942
Porsche DesignDiverP6780$2,5842
Porsche DesignFlat Six635143041254$1,2751
Porsche DesignFlat Six P 6350635042$1,2501
Porsche DesignMonobloc Actuator Limited Edition6031601008052$6,0171
Porsche Design19196020303004072$3,3531
Porsche DesignPac Dashboard6612141$2,3951
Porsche DesignChronotimer6010103004052$5,0541
Porsche DesignDashboard662013$3,5001