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How much is a TAG Heuer watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
TAG HeuerCarreraCAR5A81FC6377$58,3103
TAG HeuerCalibre Heuer 02CAR5A8KFT6172$23,7942
TAG HeuerCarreraCAR2B83FC6339$21,1142
TAG HeuerCarreraCAR5A1ZBA0510$43,2372
TAG HeuerCalibre Heuer 02CAR5A5VFC6377$21,5952
TAG HeuerCarreraCAR5A5ZFC6377$21,5951
TAG HeuerCalibre Heuer 02CAR5A8PFC6415$23,8031
TAG HeuerCarreraCAR5A8EFT6181$28,2021